Javed Sheikh signs distribution deal for his directorial comeback

With five of his Pakistani films already released in 2015, he has been the busiest Pakistani film actor of the year. At this age, with such class. But there is no stopping him making us amazed at his energy as he will now be playing director.

Yes, you read that right. Javed Sheikh is finally making a directorial return with his home production named, Wujood. The comeback happens after almost eight years to his last directorial venture, Khulay Aasman Kay Neechay (KAKN) (2008)and more than thirteen years after his last super hit film as director, Yeh Dil Aapka Huwa (2002).

We heard several reports about his directorial comeback post-KAKN, but they all turned out rumours with time. Not this time though, as the ace actor/director has already signed a distribution deal with the leading distribution banner, Distribution Club (previously, IMGC), reports our top industry source.

The source also terms the deal-signing a huge development as Javed Sheikh takes his time to gather a good investment sum and then makes films of great production values.

In an earlier report on the film, although he was all hush-hush about the project details, but he termed the film as a ‘violent love story.’ He also revealed that the scripting of the film is being done by a top female drama writer.

Sheikh in the same report also revealed that like always, he will again be introducing the Pakistani audience with yet another beautiful foreign location in Wujood.

The cast of the film hasn’t been made public yet, but the director plans to release the film next year near September-October.

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