Meera allegedly injured the female producer of Nadia Khan Show

“Meera” is synonymous of “drama queen”. She knows how to stay in the news. Be its her English which causes hysteria or a raunchy video getting leaked online. Be its her new marriage scandal or a steamy item number in a C class Indian film. She never runs low of tricks or mishaps to stay in news and create new controversies and drama.

This time Meera-incident happened at the set of Nadia Khan Show (NKS) where she allegedly attacked and injured female producer of the show and refused to appear as a guest in the show despite having a prior commitment and being paid for it.

Nadia Khan recently re-launched her popular morning show after several years on Geo TV and the show is already getting high ratings and plethora of advertisements and sponsors.

According to infuriated Nadia Khan, Meera was invited as a guest on the show and for this she was in contact with the show’s Guest Coordinator for more than two weeks through her manager (Sohail). They had settled everything including the script of the show and the payment. There was supposedly no issue at all.

Perhaps in the morning of Nov 16th, when Meera reached the set of NKS, she refused to come out of the car as she thought she were supposed to be at some other set for another recording. The producer of the show liaised but Meera got enraged and injured her arm by attacking her. Later Nadia Khan herself tried to mediate and requested her to record the show but Meera did not listen to her as well and cut herself off in the make-up room.

Meera’s manager, Sohail, had already flown from the scene to avoid any further insult as “Meera is accustomed of throwing tantrums at eleventh hour”, he told the Guest Coordinator before running off.

This is the version of the story we learned in live Nadia Khan Show from Nadia Khan. The other side of the story is not known yet as Meera has not shared anything with media yet about this incident. We are waiting to know when Meera speaks in her defense and clears the air. Till then watch the anecdote from Nadia Khan herself in the video below.

We feel pity for the poor morning show producer who suffered because of her team’s choice of the guest for that morning. Poor lady!

A video is shared on Nadia Khan Show’s Facebook page, in which we can see how the show’s team is trying to console Meera but she seems in no mood to give herself up.


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