Bachaana’s trailer promises action, thrill and romance this Valentine’s season

A bubbly Indian girl in trouble named Aalia (Sanam Saeed), is forced by circumstances to place her faith in a Pakistani cab driver, Vicky (Mohib Mirza), in Mauritius, who then takes it upon himself to make Aalia’s safe return to India possible.

But that’s not just it, and there is a lot more; a lot of action, comedy, thrill and romance. All promised in the newly released trailer of the film and all of it coming to cinemas this Valentine’s season, 26th February 2016.

Watch the trailer:


The element of wit, action and an evident on screen Mohib-Sanam chemistry, combined with the hint of good music, the scenic Mauritius, and the fast pace of trailer, have all made it really hit with the public, and the response to the trailer has been an approving one.

Directing his first feature film, Nasir Khan, at the trailer launch event said, “Bachaana is a fun and entertaining ride that will leave you asking for more. It is India meets Pakistan in Mauritius. I am excited for both Sanam Saeed and Mohib Mirza as their chemistry in the film would be something everyone will connect to immediately.”

Answering a Galaxy Lollywood question regarding the music of the film, director Nasir Khan said, ‘there are in total three songs in the film and the music is composed by Ali Sher, Symt Band, and an Indian music director, Parasad Saste.”

Mohib Mirza while talking about the film at the event praised the director for his craft and added, “I really fell in love with the script the first time I read it, a very light, romantic, comedy story, which I hope people would really enjoy.”

Sanam resonated Mohib’s statement and said, “it’s a very feel-good, easy and happy film, something that people would find very different from my work on TV so far, so it was quite fun.”

Sanam, however, ruled out the possibility of saying her good-byes to the TV like many of her fraternity have, saying, ‘What will I do if I won’t do television, it’s my first home and there is absolutely no plan of leaving it.”

Adeel Hashmi, for whom Bachaana also stands as a debut film said, “I was quite surprised when Nasir offered me the role and I repeatedly asked him that, ‘ look, do you really want me to do this role? Are you absolutely sure about it considering the type of roles I usually do?’ But he was quite firm in his offer and had his homework done, and I think people would really be surprised to see me in that persona.”

While Bachaana is directed by Nasir Khan, he is also co-producing the film along with Rizwan Saeed, who is well known locally and internationally for his technical achievements in film production. Hum Films will be distributing the film.

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