Poll: Choose your most favorite trailer of the upcoming movie

In last few weeks trailers of several upcoming movies released, making us overwhelmed with the variety these films offer. The trailer of a movie gives us an insight of the film and helps us to make our mind if we gonna watch the film in cinema. A trailer can be as good as or as bad as the film itself, but we will agree that it does not tell all about the film.

We are doing a poll to know which of the recently released trailers made you most excited and you loved to watch it more than once. If you have not watched all of the trailers of upcoming movies then do watch them at the end of this post.

Select your favorite trailer in the list below and submit your answer. We will share the results on our Facebook page soon.

Here are the all released trailers of upcoming movies.

Actor in Law


Blind Love

Dance Kahani

Dobara Phir Se

Ishq Positive


Jeevan Hathi

Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hai


For the release date of all these films visit Coming Attractions.

Compiled by Zeeshan Mahmood.


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