Box Office Update: Not a single local release could shame Bolly’s ‘Sultan’

Last time we published the box office report three weeks ago with the extended weekend collections of Eid-ul-Fitr. By then the clear box office winner was Bollywood’s ‘Sultan’ which blew away the only local release ‘Sawal 700 Crore Dollars Ka’ (S7CDK), not making us surprised at all.

S7KDK could survive for only a week (9 days) on the box office, but had a decent lifetime collections (numbers below) despite being a movie as weird as its title. Momin Ali Munshi, editor, Galaxy Lollywood, reviewed the film and termed it as ‘old school Lollywood-ish’ flick and rated with 2 out of 5 stars.

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Two weeks after this, two more Pakistani movies, ‘Ishq Positive’ and ‘Revenge of the Worthless’, jumped into the arena to show some muscles to ‘Sultan’ and, regretfully, in first 10 days of their running none of them even could surpass the collections of more weirdly-titled S7CDK. On the other side, ‘Sultan’ kept on minting money and became the highest grossing Bollywood film in Pakistan.

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It is really hard time for local releases. Without any further rants, here are the box office numbers of the local releases and ‘Sultan’ till last Sunday (July 31).

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Sawal 700 Crore Dollars Ka

  • First 5 days: 1.2 cr
  • Lifetime: 1.65 cr

Source: Box Office Detail

Ishq Positive

  • 10 days: 0.7 cr

Source: Box Office Detail

Update: We talked with Noor Bukhari about her stance on the box office collections of her directorial debut, and she disagreed with the numbers mentioned above. According to her the film has collected 1.8 cr in 10 days and it is still running in the multiplexes. We are vouching for the correct figures and will update the post once confirmed.

Revenge of the Worthless

  • 10 days: God better knows!


  • Week 1: 23.85 cr
  • Week 2: 6.05 cr
  • Week 3: 2.5 cr
  • Weekend 4: 0.72 cr
  • Total (27 days): ~33.2cr

Source: Box Office Detail

Take care of yourself till we return with another Box Office Report. 🙂


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