Moammar Rana is returning to the silver screen with a bang

Every film industry has its superstars who are always loved by fans no matter how many newcomers come and go. These superstars are fan favorites and they know how to charm their way to your hearts. We here in Lollywood have one such man who can rightfully be called a superstar. He is someone who has been missing from the scene for some time, but he has one of the highest grossing Pakistani film to his credit which ran in cinemas for about two years.

Yes, you guessed that right we are talking about the handsome hunk Moammar Rana who we all have been missing on the silver screen.

However recently the actor has been back in the news as he has been working on some films and this has his fans super psyched. And he is surely coming back with a bang as he has not one, not two rather, four films in the pipeline. Yes, you will be seeing him in 4 films. Furthermore there is this buzz surrounding his new fit look which has the girls gushing over the hot actor who has always been a favorite with the fans. We decided to talk to the dishy actor to know more about his projects and fitness regime.

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So Moammar who looks fitter than ever revealed that he has been hitting the gym and has been working out religiously. Moammar believes that a fit body is a must and he hopes that he has inspired other actors to make an effort towards maintaining a healthy body something that has been missing from our industry, we agree!

Moving on to his four films Moammar revealed that the first one in line is ‘Bhai Wanted’ which is a Syed Noor film and well that says it all for this director actor duo as done wonders at the box office in the past (Chooriyan guys!). The film has a central male character and is a  full on action film. Moammar will be playing the role of an undercover cop, whereas Lollywood diva Saima will also be seen in the film. About 70 percent of the shooting is complete and the film will release sometime next year.

The second film is Sikander,  which is a home production being made under the M.R films banner and Moammar will not only be acting but will also be directing the film. This one is also an action film but not without the commercial tadka i.e romance and all. The music of the film is done by Sahir Ali Bagga and half of the film has been shot. As for the other half, well  Moammar plans to complete the other projects he has undertaken before he gets back to his home production. Therefore he has started shooting for the Syed Noor venture as he didn’t want to keep his favorite director waiting. Moammar  says it’s always a pleasure working with Syed Noor and how he couldn’t miss the chance working with him as he always teaches new things and well he has always been his mentor.

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The third film in line is this new untitled venture starring Moammar and Sonia Hussain, who was previously seen in Moor. The film is an action romance  and will be directed by Imran Malik. The film will be shot in Kashmir as well as UK, 45 percent of the film has been completed.

‘SKZ’- Sayah Khudaye Zuljalaal is the fourth film in line for MoammarRana which is almost complete. The film is produced by Muhammad Tauseef Razzak and Moammar is playing a police Commando while the Ishq Positive girl Noor and  model Rachel Gill will be acting opposite him. The film is about the 1947 freedom movement. Moammar just completed his dubbing in Lahore before going back to Shogran for Imran Maliks spell. This film will be relasing somewhere in September.

Well we would like to wish Moammar all the best for his films and we cant wait to see the actor in action!

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