Diva Magazine’s latest cover is out and it is HOT!

We may not have a film dedicated magazine here in Pakistan like our neighbors have the ‘Filmfare’ and ‘Stardust’ but when it comes to films and magazines we do have a visionary who almost always succeeds in giving us our fix of film meets fashion.Yes, we are talking about Raheel ‘Diva’ Rao and his branchild the coveted DIVA Magazine which comes out quarterly and every few issues treats us Lollywood-wallahs to a sizzling filmy cover.

This time around the magazine took things a few notches higher ( and this is for a magazine which put almost half our film industry on a past cover ) and put together two of the most popular stars from our new age cinema on the cover in a never before seen avatar.  Let me stop blabbering and just share the cover with you guys!

mahira hamza

What do you guys think? How hot does this duo look? Well I for one cannot get enough of this sizzling cover! Oh and there was also this behind the scenes video which gives us a sneak peak into the other looks the stars will be flaunting. Here are a few screenshots to get you excited about this new issue of the magazine which hits stands later this week.


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