Danish Taimoor and Sana Javed sign Yasir Nawaz’s next

In an environment where the film industry is still very much in its infancy, a commercial success like ‘Wrong No.‘ can definitely boost your confidence in the setup a lot, and so Yasir Nawaz makes a return to the film scene in just about a year from his last release.

Reports are suggesting that Yasir is not only all geared up for his second big screen project, but a lot has already been finalised and the things will receive an official announcement in about a week’s time.

Sana Javed to play Mehrunnisa in Yasir Nawaz’s ‘Mehrunnisa We Lub You.’

Before there comes an official announcement, let us give you a little unofficial peek inside. Titled ‘Mehrunnisa We Lub You,’ the film will have Danish Taimoor (Yasir’s actor of choice for his debut film too) as its male lead, while the famous TV star Sana Javed will also make her film debut with this one as its female lead.

Where Sana Javed has officially confirmed the news stating, “I’m lucky to debut with one of my favourite directors alongside a fantastic dream team,” others, although, a little reserved to provide any specific signals, are also hinting at the confirmation of the report, which our sources also corroborate.

Sana also confirmed that she will be playing Mehrunnisa of the title ‘Mehrunnisa We Lub You.’

Sources also suggest that Sana Javed, who earlier signed Amir Mohiuddin’s Rangreza but soon opted out of it citing some emergencies as reason, left the project for mainly this film, or it was at least one of her major reasons.

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The genre of the film, although, remains unrevealed yet, but the title suggests that just like Wrong No. this one too will be a comedy of sorts, with probably a romantic touch as well. It has also come to our knowledge that Javed Sheikh, who again was part of Yasir’s last, will have an important role in this one too.

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