Armeena Khan to now star in British Sci-Fi “The Achilles Protocol”

After making us fall in love with her in Bin Roye and Janaan, Armeena Khan is all set to blow us away with a British Sci-Fi project this time. Yes, you read it right, get all set to see her in a completely new avatar this time around.

Titled ‘The Achilles Protocol (TAP),’ it is a short film about a conflict between super hacker and an artificial intelligence gone rogue. With several nuclear warheads in the sky, the hacker has minutes to shut down the rogue act and disable the warheads.

Talking to us about her role in the film, Armeena said, “The role was extremely challenging as I didn’t just have to play an intelligent machine but an A.I with real emotions and feelings. The balance had to be right and we spent months on fine tuning the character. It is very different to anything that I’ve done before”.

Christopher Faith

Being directed by Aatif Zafar, who has years of experience in acting, filmmaking and production, the film is all set to release in 2017 starring, Armeena Rana Khan, Christopher Faith (known for British short film ‘Sophie’s Fortune’), Mark Hill (known for the Icehouse Project) and Grace Riley.

Armeena was approached by the producers Rebecca and Atif Zafar (who is also the director), to undertake the leading role of ISIS – the A.I gone rogue who wants to destroy the world. Armeena will be playing the main female antagonist. The film is made for international film festival circuit and will then also have a limited release after.

This is Armeena’s second venture in Britain after the movie ‘Writhe,’ which was directed by Sharaz Ali and the film was screened at the 2013 Cannes Film festival, making Armeena the first Pakistani actress to walk at Cannes.

Armeena is also to star in upcoming Pakistani film Yalghaar.

The shooting of TAP is complete and the film is in post production stage. We wish Armeena and team all the best for this venture.

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