Movie Preview: ‘Jackpot’ promises to be a fun-filled ride

Update: The film name has been recently changed from ‘100 Crore’ to ‘Jackpot’. We updated it in the article.

With Bollywood films out of the picture (at least for the time being) it seems like Pakistani filmmakers are all geared up to make the most out of this restriction. Every other day brings with itself news of a new Pakistani film launching and honestly its a really exciting time for Pakistani Cinema. One such film which was recently launched is Shoaib Khan’s directorial debut  ‘Jackpot’ and in this post we will give you an exclusive preview of what to expect from this fun filled film.


Talking to Galaxy Lollywood, the director of the film revealed some details and gave us an idea of what to expect from the film. “Jackpot is a comedy thriller and has a bunch of characters, interlinked to each other, who are all running after this lottery ticket. The entire film is one fun-filled ride which takes the characters places as they try to get their hands on the ticket. The film is full of comedy and masala which will be loved by the audiences”, says Shoaib Khan.


Moving on to the cast, the director mentioned how he has carefully chosen all the actors as he believes they will do justice to the characters. While its a film debut for the main actors, since Noor Hassan and Sanam Chaudhry are already popular faces from the television industry  it will be exciting to see how they perform in their debut film. Moreover debutantes Inayat Khan and Reyhana Malhotra also seem promising from whatever little we have seen of them on the social media. Add to that a supporting cast which includes  the sizzling Sana Fakhar, veterans Jawed Sheikh, Ismail Tara and lots of surprise appearances by renowned actors and you have a winner.


We all know how music is a rather crucial part of films these days so we were curious to know more about the music. Shoaib told us that the music of ‘100 Crore’ is done by Naveed Nashad and the album has five tracks in total of which two are romantic songs and three will be fun peppy dance numbers. The songs have been sung by Amanat Ali, Beena Khan, Asim Azhar and Ashfan Fawad so we can expect some melodious numbers.

The film was launched a few weeks back and the cast just returned to Pakistan after shooting its first spell in Phuket, Thailand. The second spell will be shot in Lahore while the film releases in March 2017. Here’s wishing the makers all the very best for their film.

Here are some behind the scenes photos from the film ‘Jackpot’.


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