The mushkil surrounding Fawad Khan’s ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’


The impending release of  ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’ is probably the hottest topic of discussion these days and the internet is going berserk debating the release of this eagerly anticipated film. The fate of the movie is uncertain as bodies on both sides of the border are divided when it comes to its release. While their is support on side, the opposition is strong too and this makes the situation far from ideal. Moreover even the fans have different opinions as some are going the patriotic way while others believe that art has no boundaries.

It all started with the attack on an army camp in the Indian-held Kashmir city of Uri, which killed 19 Army personnel. Then came the infamous ‘surgical strike’ and as a result the relation between Pakistan and India became sour.The Indian Motion Pictures Producers’ Association (IMPPA), in a rather dim move,  officially banned Pakistani artists and technicians from working in India and in a jingoistic response the Pakistani exhibitors decided to suspend screening of Indian films indefinitely and thus a deadlock.

Interestingly, there was no major Bollywood release for the past few weeks so not much was lost due to this indefinite suspension but things are heating up as this Friday two huge Bollywood films ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’ and ‘Shivay’ are up for release.

The reason why ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’ is hogging all the spotlight is courtesy the presence of Pakistani actors Fawad Khan and Imran Abbas in the film. Furthermore, even the characters that Fawad and some of the other cast members were to play were going to be Pakistani! However we now hear that due to the situation, alterations have been made and any reference to Pakistan has been avoided. But that does not mean that Fawad has been eliminated from the film as their were rumors that Fawad would be replaced by Saif Ali Khan ,but well they were just rumors.

Coming back to the main issue, what is happening with its release? Well while India may have green-lit the release, despite quite a few hurdles, the picture in Pakistan is different. We talked to the distributors and it seems like the film will not be releasing in Pakistan given the situation. So looks like all us Fawad Khan fans will miss the opportunity of seeing our star on the silver screen.

What do you think of this ban? Do you think that the film should release in Pakistan considering it stars one of our own? What is your take on the entire issue. Let us know in the comments section. 


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  1. This is bad news…We want to watch it on big screen….Banning it will only boost piracy and loss for cinema owners…If India has done something wrong, do we need to reciprocate it by doing same??? I cant understand this that why are they involving films in politics??? I and some of my friends want it to be released in cinemas in our country….