Ahsan Khan and Ayesha Omer sign rom-com ‘Rehbra – the soul of love’

It seems like its raining films in Pakistan! One after the other, new films are being announced every now and then and the films ready to release are making fans frenzy with their teasers and first looks. This time around the rom-com ‘Rehbra – the soul of love’ is coming your way which stars Khoobsurat Ayesha Omer, who was previously seen in ‘Karachi Se Lahore’, along with none other than handsome Udaari-guy, Ahsan Khan. This is definitely one film to look out for!

‘Rehbra – the soul of love’ is TV director Amin Iqbal’s debut film. Ahsan Khan has previously done two drama serials with Amin and he shared that he always felt that he should do a film with Amin as he has the potential for making a good film in him. While ‘Rehbra’ is a romantic comedy, Khan claims that this one is going to be different in many ways. According to him, the film is “a much needed rom-com with intense romance and great music”.


On talking about his co-star he shared that, “Ayesha Omar is a talented actor and she is the perfect choice for this role. It will be great working with her as a costar”. On his decision of opting for the film Khan said that, “After my intense negative role in (drama serial) ‘Udaari’, as an actor I wanted to do something different and on a lighter note. So, I chose ‘Chupan Chupai’ (comedy thriller) and now ‘Rehbra’ as this is a beautiful rom-com.”

The film also stars Miss Pakistan USA 2015 Sarish Khan, who happens to be veteran actor Sahiba Khanum’s granddaughter.

In a press conference Amin Iqbal said that, “As with many other Pakistani films, we were on a strict budget during the making of the film. Despite those constraints, we wanted to make it flawless, making the most of the budget on hand. Imran Ali has composed the music of the film. We wanted Bollywood singers to lend their voices in the soundtrack album, but owing to the current political climate, we weren’t able to do so.”


When asked what is different in the film he added that, “I don’t claim that the film is very different from others. I think different is too clichéd a word. It’s an action romance tale, aiming to entertain the audience. We are confident that the film will do well and give competition to other films, starring A-list actors, being played in multiplexes. I am planning another film as well as I really want the filmmaking trend to continue in our country. I want ‘Rehbra’ to connect with the audience.”

Rehbra will go on floors this December and the movie is slated to release on Eid-ul-Adha 2017.

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