Mystery resolved: The leading lady of rom-com ‘Maan Jao Naa’ is Iranian beauty Naaz Norouzi!

The shroud of mystery was kept by Crew Motion Pictures around the leading lady of their upcoming youth based rom-com ‘Maan Jao Naa’. After more than a month of film’s announcement, the makers, finally, took the wraps off it and reveals the entire cast of the film in the meet and greet event in Karachi today.

And we got to know about this ‘surprising’ lady as well, who is German-born Iranian beauty Naaz Norouzi. She is an international model, starting her acting career with ‘Maan Jao Naa’.

“Naaz is an amazing actress, who speaks multiple languages like Farsi, German, English, French and Urdu fluently. She is a trained dancer and loves football too. Since childhood she wanted to be this glamorous actress and always wanted to be in front of the camera. From the age of 15 she has been busy traveling around the world as model, walking the ramp for big international brand Lacoste, Dior etc.” revealed in the official press release by Crew Motion Pictures.

We did a quick search about Naaz on Instagram and found out that she has been associated with the leading brands in Europe and India and has rubbed shoulders with some of the biggest names of Bollywood. Interesting!

‘Maan Jao Naa’ is the debuting film of the leading pair, Naaz and Adeel Chaudhry. The rest of the cast includes the young and talented Ayaz Samoo, Hajra Yameen, Ghana Ali, Naeem Haq. Along with these young faces, the amazing senior cast includes Asif Raza Mir, Asma Abbaas and Nayyer Ejaz.

The very talented Ali Gul Pir, of Saeein Tu Saeein fame, is giving a special appearance in the film.

“After the success of Dukhtar the dream of making films has become a passion, Maan Jao Naa is the torch bearer followed by a number of refreshing scripts that Crew Motion Pictures is all set to produce this year” said Muhmmad Khalid Ali CEO/Producer, The Crew Films.

Maan Jao Naa is all set to be a trendsetter and source of inspiration for all aspiring film makers in Pakistan. The script is lighthearted romantic comedy and mirrors the life of today’s youth and their believes on love.

“Maan Jao Naa is the first project of our Company and we are simply aiming to bring true filmy feel for the viewers. Along with high production values, strong focus is on story and content. The cast is new, however as filmmakers it is now important to focus on creating stars for our film industry.” Says Asma Nabeel, COO, Head of Films of Crew Motion Pictures and the Executive Producer of ‘Maan Jao Naa’.

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The soundtrack of the movie is original and refreshing, composed by the Coke Studio famed Shuja Haider and the exceptionally talented Asim Raza.

Beenish Pervaiz ads the glamour quotient to the film whereas the very talented Wardha Saleem has styled the cast. Both are the prominent names in the fashion industry of the Pakistan.

“I am really excited and feeling blessed to be a part of such a film. Though I want to say a lot about the film but I want the viewers to watch and speak themselves. When people speak good that’s surely the win of any project.” Abis Raza, director of ‘Maan Jao Naa’.

All the best to team Maan Jao Naa!

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