Did You Know: Syed Noor has eight films in the pipeline!


Syed Noor announce’s a new film at the drop of a hat. Whether that film releases or goes to the sets or even gets into pre-production, well that’s another story. Here, I list down eight films that Noor sahab has announced in the last few years and update you as to what is happening with those films .

  1. ‘Chein Aey Na’
    chein aye na





The most recently announced film by Syed Noor is ‘Chein Aey Na’ which stars Shehroze Sabzwari, Sehrish Khan, Adil Murad and others. The film is currently being shot in Karachi with a probable release date of late 2017/early 2018. Of all films that will be listed, this one seems to have the most chances of making it to the cinemas given the involvement of Syed Noor and how the film features a cast that is not generally associated with the Syed Noor brand.

2. ‘Aina 2’

Lollywood veteran Shabnam was visiting Pakistan ( she now resides in Bangladesh) and Syed Noor saw this as an opportunity to announce a new film. As you move down the list you will realize that this is something he likes to do: seize the moment and announce a film with anyone who’s in the news. So reportedly the film will be a sequel to the 1977 film Aina and will feature the original pair Nadeem and Shabnam and will show what happened after the events of the first film. No dates have been announced for the film as of yet.


3. Bhai Wanted

The ambitious film by Syed Noor has been in the making for quite some time now. Initially, it was Shaan Shahid who was to play the lead role in this film but later on Moammar  Rana replaced him. The leading lady is, no points for guessing, Saima. A large chunk of the film has been shot and it is up to Syed Noor to complete it and release it!

4. Price Of Honor

price of honor

Syed Noor shot this film on 35mm about six years ago and is hoping to convert it into a digital print so the film can play in cinemas. The film stars Naveed Raza, Asim Mehmood and a few other actors who Syed Noor handpicked from the talent competition he judged. Last we checked Syed Noor was hopeful of releasing the film.


5.  Untitled film with Aamir Liaquat

aamir saima
Yes, this happened! Although we have no idea what’s happening with the film but Syed Noor did announce a film where he had apparently cast Aamir Liaquat opposite Saima. The film, he claimed, was a different kind of a love story and  Aamir was the ideal choice for the lead actor. After that what happened, well nobody really knows.

6. Amjad Sabri’s biopic

amjad sabri

When Amjad Sabri passed away, Syed Noor decided he wanted to make a biopic on the qawal. According to Syed Noor, it was Amjad Sabri’s request that Syed Noor makes a film on his life. Now whether this film is getting made, we don’t know.

7. O America 8.First Love

Back in 2014, Syed Noor announced that he would be making four films ( two being ‘Price of Honor’ and ‘Bhai Log’). He mentioned that he will be shooting these films in Canada and America and that’s all we know. What happened to these films, are they in the making, well only Syed Noor can answer that.


Moreover, I’m sure there are quite a few films he has announced which I’m missing because keeping track of his announcements is quite a task in itself. We would like to wish the director best of luck and hope that all of his announced films release soon.


  1. This is a man who talks big delivers the old Lollywood movies were Masala type with crappy indoor sets ignoring the beautiful scenes of Pakistan. His obsession with Saima a tired actress who should retire. We need new talent not some old a Lollywood’s idea of fake films

  2. Sorry to say but i don’t know ke ye films kabhe release bhi hogi ya nahi? price of honor to bohot pehle se bn rahi hai uska trailor bhi aya tha lakin kiya hoa? aik cheez samjh nahi ati aur countries ma kisi actor ya director ki aik film final hoti hai phr wo next film ki taraf jata hai lakin yaha aik film release hoti nahi dusri bnna start hojati hai like syed noor “Bhai wanted” ka even trailer tak nahi aya aur “Chein Aey Na” ka ellan krdia same as Shaan “Arth 2” & “Zarrar”. 2 ke chakar mai aik bhi nahi ati 🙁


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