Unlucky in love for the fourth time; Noor files for divorce!

It’s definitely a bad time for celebrity marriages. Just recently Mohsin Abbas Haider and wife got divorced, then Jana Malik and husband Noman Javaid got separated, Veena Malik and husband Asad almost ended things and now its Lollywood diva Noor Bukhari who called it quits last night.

Noor announced this news with a tweet.

Later, she made a post on her personal blog ‘Noor Says’ and wrote:

“Before everyone starts blaming me and putting news that I am divorce again and laugh on my tragedy. I want to say that please don’t make assumptions, No women wants to be divorced or decided to leave a marriage unless circumstances become so difficult to live together.”

She talked about how she never wanted a divorce and was scared of the word itself:

“I don’t want to go into details but all I can say is that I tried my best for four years to sustain this relationship just because I was too scared of getting divorced again. I am even paranoid from this word, but I guess “Meri qismat mai apne Ghar ka Sukh hai hi nahi. I had promised myself that mera janaza nikly ga par main nahi niklun gi apny husband ke Ghar se

She requested people to not judge her:

“Anyway to cut the long story short I am in pain, in too much pain and I would really appreciate if you all don’t judge me please. Our Society never blame the men and the women is to blame for a broken marriage. But my Allah knows the reality and I am only answerable to him. All my prayers are with Wali, best wishes for him. He is a good human being maybe I am not good enough for him. So yes before all of you laugh on my misery I am divorced again.”

noor wali

The actress had secretly tied the knot with singer Wali Hamid Khan in 2015, which she made public in November 2016. Reportedly, the couple fell in love on the sets of their film ‘Ishq Positive’. Before marrying Wali, Noor has been through three unsuccessful marriages.

noor vikram
Noor Bukhari first got hitched in 2008 to Vikram who reportedly promised Noor that he would convert to Islam but despite a lot of convincing from Noor didn’t fulfill that promise, and thus Noor filed for divorce. Yes, this is the same guy who caused quite a stir on the Nadia Khan Show back in the day and it was this episode that ended Nadia Khan’s illustrious career.

Then in 2010 she tied the knot with film director and producer Farooq Mengal but ended things due to domestic violence.

Noor Awn
In 2012 Noor married third husband Awn Chaudhry who was already a father of two sons. While the marriage could not last long ( reasons not known), it did give Noor a precious gift in the form of her daughter.

In conclusion, we at Galaxy Lollywood want to say that stay strong girl, everything will be alright. And to all the readers, well we can never say for sure who’s wrong and who’s right as we don’t know what all happens in their personal lives, so lets not judge.

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