These 5 kick-ass dialogues of Sahir Lodhi in ‘Raasta’ will blow you away!

Sahir Lodhi needs no introduction. The RJ-turned-morning-show-host-turned-actor has been sailing against the wind and keeping a love-hate relationship with the audience for years. He is now gearing up to try his luck on the silver screen in debut film ‘Raasta’, releasing on 30th March.

Interestingly, Sahir Lodhi has worked in almost every department of the film in ‘Raasta’. He not only co-produced, co-wrote and co-directed the film, but also acted in it and penned its dialogues and lyrics. He might have trust issues with others sharing his workload, but it seems he is just going the extra mile to make a mark on the big screen as vehemently as possible.

We need to see the film before judging his performance in the slew of departments, but we are really impressed with his knack for writing filmi dialogues and one-liners, which we hope will echo in the theaters and may remain with the audience for long (may be as a distressing memory!)

Believe us, we are not hyping it without any ground. We are really bowled over by these five kick-ass dialogues by Sahir Lodhi in the trailers of ‘Raasta’. Check out these pearls of wisdom to get blown away by their veracity.


Starting with this ultimate reality of life, we get to learn what holds a troubled man back. Saans!

Raasta dialogue - 1


The bestiality seems to be in vogue after Disney’s reboot of Beauty and the Beast, and we get to learn it’s not without the reasons.

Raasta dialogue - 2


This is one most important war quote you will read after devouring Sun Tzu’s The Art of War. Very deep!

Raasta dialogue - 3


The apex of animosity is only achieved by self-hatred and that’s not for the faint-hearted people. Mind it!

Raasta dialogue - 4


What a life will be with only bitterness and hatred and no love! In this beautiful quote, we learn about the economics of love. So beautiful!

Raasta dialogue - 5

We hope we will get to hear more such pearls in the theater too. Fingers crossed. 🙂

Disclaimer: This article is categorized as humor/satire. Its content is not meant to be read literally, and the views expressed here do not necessarily reflect the views of the writer or the views of the Galaxy Lollywood team.



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