‘Who’s Humaima Malick? She is irrelevant!’ says Ayesha Khan

Actress par excellence Ayesha Khan was in Lahore to launch skincare brand Physiogel’s new line of products, and talked at length about the revolutionary products and their benefits for all kinds of skin. After the event, we caught up with the stunner for an exclusive chat and inquired what the actress was up to.

‘I am currently reading two scripts, though nothing is finalized as such’ she revealed. Cautious of revealing much about the scripts, Ayesha Khan, however, disclosed that, ‘one of them is a love story and the other is a comedy, and I’m leaning more towards the love story.’

Adding on, she said, ‘Honestly 2016 has been rough on me health wise, so I feel I need to take some time off and since I’ve given quite a few TV serials like, Noor-e-ZindagiMann Mayal, Khuda Mera Bhi Hai and Woh Aik Pal, I feel like the fans have enough material for me to kind of step away for a little time.’

We then asked her about the recent Pakistani releases and if she got a chance to see any of them, be it, Balu Mahi, Thora Jee Le, or Raasta. Ayesha Khan replied, ‘I haven’t seen any of these, but I have heard very disappointing reviews and I’m very upset because every year we try to make another Waar or Jawani Phir Nahi Ani but then things don’t really pan out.’

Will she be a part of the Jawani Phir Nahi Ani sequel was the next question? ‘No, I will not be doing that because Hamza is not doing it and hence our couple is out of the film,’ Ayesha Khan replied.


Not happy with the reviews of the much recent Pakistani releases, but is there any recent Pakistani film she watched and liked? ‘Actually, people don’t agree with me but I quite enjoyed Dobara Phir Se. I thought it was nice and showed things which are actually happening, so it was very relevant. People found it to be boring and a drama but I liked it.

We ended the conversation by bringing up the recent episode of ‘Tonite With HSY,’ where the actress had commented that Humaima Malick has had the worst Bollywood debut. For those unaware, host HSY gave Ayesha three options, Ali Zafar, Imran Abbas and Mawra Hocane, asking who had the worst debut, and Ayesha Khan said, Humaima, (even though Humaima wasn’t an option). Ayesha reiterated her statement saying, ‘Humaima’s was the worst! It’s true!’

We asked her what was that comment all about and she gave us a befitting reply saying, ‘Who’s Humaima? She is irrelevant! Oh, isn’t she the one who did Bol after I rejected it?’ Whoa! Mic drop much?

Interestingly, the latest episode of ‘Tonite with HSY,’ which aired just this Sunday, features Humaima Malick answering a question which asked her to name the most overrated actor, Humaima without wasting a second said, Ayesha Khan!

We wonder what’s the real deal between these two ladies. We hope Feroze Khan can patch things up given he is working with Ayesha Khan. Wouldn’t you love to see these two share screen space?


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