Here’s what all happened at the 5th HUM Awards 2017!

The 5th Anual Hum Awards took place in Lahore this weekend where the best of television ( a bit of film and music too) was celebrated at a grand event which was attended by the who’s who of the entertainment industry. Team Galaxy Lollywood was there and gave you live updates from the event on our social media platforms. But, now it’s time to get into the details and talk about what all really happened at this glamorous event. So here goes, our signature timeline post on the 5th HUM Awards 2017!


The invite had 7 pm as the red-carpet time and 8 pm as the show time but we knew this was Lahore and no red-carpet could start before 8 pm, so 7:30 pm seemed like a decent time to make an appearance and start the coverage.


We were inside the venue and for a second there I thought we had the wrong venue because all I could see left and right were aunty’s in their salma sitara joras, uncles holding their bachas, with daadi and naani’s walking right behind and I was like yeah cool shit!


The red carpet was yet to start to so we thought we’d take a team Galaxy Lollywood photo.


The red carpet officially starts and boy was it a mess! The officials had no idea how to handle the crowd once the celebrities started to walk in. Publications and social media influencers like Sunday Times, Paperrazi and us included were initially not allowed onto the red carpet to cover the event and only once we raised our voice in unanimity were we given a spot on the red carpet for coverage. Needless to say, the mood for the night wasn’t going to be great given the start was so shaky!


By then the mess of a red carpet was done. Here are a few highlights:-

  • Just like the LSA’s, the star power was weak at the HUM Awards too. It is a shame that the industry couldn’t unite for another big event, whereas everyone would have made it a point to come had the event been in a foreign location. Trust me everyone will come to the AFA’s which we hear might take place at an exotic location.
  • Meera walked with her mother and brother, just like Sheheryar Munawar did at the LSA’s! However, unlike the Munawar’s good looks don’t run in the genes of this family.
  • Feroze Khan walked in and I thought it would be a great idea to get a shout out from the young star but ‘ I don’t do shout outs’ was the reply I got from him. I was like ‘Ummm, almost everyone is doing them’, not the most intelligent reply but in the spur of the moment this is what I could come up with and the night wasn’t that great for spontaneity. ‘So if everyone jumps into the well will I follow?’ was the reply I got. Someone’s getting too big for their shoes I guess, and abhi his debut film bombed at the box office. Imagine!
  • In contrast, Osman Khalid Butt has to be the most media-friendly celebrity ever. He not only obliged all the bloggers, publications with pictures/videos/shout outs and all but made it a point to take selfies with the fans who were waiting for Osman. At one point it got so messy that the security was stopping the fans but the sweetheart that Osman is he intervened because hey it’s the fans who make one a celebrity!
  • Love birds Muneeb and Aiman walked the red carpet together and we all went aww!
  •  Lots of celebrities, lots of boomerangs, pictures and shout outs were done.


Walked our way to the main hall, where the awards would take place. The stage was breathtakingly beautiful and the entire do was super glam.


‘Trying to find your seats Munshi’ said Osman Khalid Butt and I was like ‘yes’ while thinking to myself I have been going around in circles for the past 10 minutes! Is there even a seat with our names?


So after some time we just sat on some random dudes seat for he had an entire row reserved for himself and we thought he wouldn’t notice a few seats missing. So we had our spot, no thanks to you team HUM!


The awards finally began with an opening performance featuring some fancy dancers flown from abroad (a HUM trademark of sorts).


Yasir Hussain made his way to the stage for his comedy skit which, unfortunately, by the end of the night, got completely overshadowed by the remarks he made later on. Anyhow, the performance had its fun moments though, in all honesty, Yasir has done way better in the past. But the show started on a fun note and we had a good laugh.


The talented and good looking hosts for the night Mikaal Zulfiqar and Hareem Farooq arrived on stage. To show enthusiasm they both shouted at the audiences and somewhere forgot that they had microphones on.


Some awards were given and now was time for the first performance which was a tribute to Junaid Jamshed paid by his sons and former band mate.  It was definitely was way-way better than the tribute at the LSA’s! We had a great time singing along.


Morning show queen Nadia Khan is going to hosting a few segments now. We’re loving here new slim avatar.

Time for the first dance performance. It’s Shahroz Sabzwari and Sarrish Khan who set the stage on fire! Loving this new jodi, can’t wait to see them on the silver screen when their film ‘Chein Aye Na’ releases. It was interesting to see the duo perform to a song from Noor Bukhari’s ‘ Ishq Positive’ with almost similar choreography and it was like the song became twice as fun!


Child star Hina Altaf aka Zaibu wins a special award for her stellar performance in ‘Udaari’ and is joined by co-star Ahsan Khan when she receives the award. Ahsan, I guess thought it was his award and completely hijacked the poor girl’s speech with his own zealous and meaningful yet not appropriately timed speech ( He won two more awards that night and didn’t have much to say when it was his award).


Mehwish Hayat comes for her performance and well it was obviously good considering she’s one of the better dancers we have. The fun part was when she danced to the ‘Thumka’ song from the film ‘Teri Meri Love Story’ which was picturized on Uzma Khan and Uzma was there in the audiences. It was like Mehwish saying to Uzma, this is how you dance girl 😛


Lifetime achievement award for Farida Khanum jee. She hums a few words for the audiences and everyone is mesmerized.


Ahsan Khan wins his first award, for Best Actor in a Negative Role, and you all know what happened!


Time for another musical performance. Asim Azhar and Momina Mustehsan walk on to the stage while singing ‘Man Mayyal’ and we are in love with the song once again! Then Ali Sethi and the legend himself Sajjad Ali make their way to the stage. The juggal bandi that takes place and the music that we get out of it has us dancing on our seats. Definitely one of our favorite performances from the night! Wish we could get these new versions of the hit songs on audio.


Iffat Omar is on stage to announce an award and boy we want to have a drink of whatever she is having! I remember sitting close to her at the ‘Ho Mann Jahaan’ premiere in Lahore where more than the film itself, the audiences were enjoying her live commentary on the film. We got a taste of that once again when she came to give an award 😉


Ahmed Ali Butt does his comedy sequence and starts with roasting Noman Ejaz. Wonder what the senior actor had to say about this. Also, the jokes on Humayun Saeed will never get old, will they?


Time for some film recognition awards. And just like last year HUM doesn’t want to get into petty fights so just honors one film from each major key player. ‘Janaan’ from ARY Film, ‘Actor In Law’ from Urdu 1 and a pat on their own HUM Films back with an award for ‘MaheMir’.


Ahsan Khan and Kubra Khan dance to some popular songs from last year and we loved their energy! At one point Ahsan goes to the audience and picks up Bushra Ansai jee, like he does every year, not that we are complaining ;)But this time around as soon as the poor lady joins Ahsan, he completely forgets he asked her to join him and just grooves to his well-rehearsed dance number while completely ignoring her.  Ahsan we enjoy the fun moves you do with Bushra jee every year and missed them this time around.Also, wow Kubra Khan is a great dancer!



Reema Khan gives a performance of a lifetime! Totally loved her choice of songs, costume, choreography and the entire performance. They don’t call her the queen bee for nothing!


The last award for the night is done!


Well just like the LSA’s somewhere between the live coverage I didn’t really take a photo of myself, spotted Maya Ali ( she is such a sweetheart by the way) so took a photo with her.


Some post awards socializing where people are deciding where to go and have food given we have been sitting on our seats for a good 5 hours now. While the Karachi guests go back to the hotel where a lavish buffet awaits them we Lahore-wallahs go and have whatever we can find at this hour.

So here’s what all happened at the awards. Hope you enjoyed this post! Stay tuned, we will be doing a fashion post where we will tell you who looked fab and who looked drab



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