Style File: Top 5 ‘Yay’ and ‘Nay’ looks from the 5th Hum Awards 2017!

The 5th HUM Awards 2017 took place in Lahore last week and made headlines for all the right and well some wrong reasons too. We at Galaxy Lollywood kept you informed with all the happenings from this event via live coverage on social media and a detailed post on the blog. However, now it’s time for another post on the awards ( the last post) which is our style file where we pick our top five ‘yay’ and ‘nay’ looks.

                     Top 5 ‘Yay’ Looks!


Mawra Hocane-min

Mawra Hocane
Wearing: Daniele Carlotta
Clutch: Bottega Veneta
Stylist: Ania Fawad
Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist: Shaban David, Tabesh Khoja and Nabila Salon

The GL verdict: While we did not approve of her choice at the Lux Style Awards, Mawra surely impresses with this killer look at the HUM Awards.The younger Hocane seriously knows how to make an impact with her no makeup look and flowy hair. Her pretty pastel pink dress gives a breath of fresh air to her overall look and hence she shoots right up to our ‘yay’ list!

maya ali#2
Maya Ali
Wearing: Nomi Ansari
Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist: Khan Shoaib

The GL verdict: Maya Ali does it again! After pulling off the red gown at Lux Style Awards with sleek straight hair, Maya goes for a yellow skater dress this time with a tight ponytail which makes her look super chic. Is there any color this girl can’t rock?

Iqra Aziz-min
Iqra Aziz
Wearing: Scarlet by Asma Eysa
Stylist: Alishay Adnan
Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist: Nabila Salon

The GL verdict: A red carpet favorite, black is the go-to color for most celebrities and can easily be overdone but Iqra Aziz makes an impact with that edgy hairdo. Loving the smokey eye look which makes her eyes look breathtaking! This is one girl we have our eyes on.


zoya nasir
Zoya Nasir
Wearing: Sania Maskatiya
Hair Stylist and MUA: Sabs Salon

The GL verdict: Who knew that an all gold look would end up being sultrier than the classic black dress! Trust Zoya Nasir to bring her A game and slay it at the fashion front with her perfect makeup and hair ( pfft she’s a makeup artist herself ) complimenting her super hot gold dress. We approve!


Sarrish Khan
Sarish Khan
Wearing: HSY
Stylist: Rao Ali Khan
Jewelry: Vavci Dubai
Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist: Nabila Salon

The GL verdict: Everyone should take a cue from Sarish to make a black gown look different. Loving the avant-garde take on the look! Also the fact that the exotic looking babe has one if the fittest bodies in the biz adds to the oomph factor! We love.


Almost made it to the list: Hareem Farooq ( Elan Official), Mikaal Zulfiqar ( Rohit Bahl), Fatima Ahmed Butt (Asifa and Nabeel), Momina Mustehsan (Saira Shakira)Shanzay Sheikh (Shiza Hassan).


Top 5 ‘Nay’ Looks!

kubra khan
Kubra Khan
Wearing: Honey Waqar
Hair and Makeup Artist: Makeup Studio

The GL verdict: Way too blank! 10 points to makeupstudio for Kubras makeup but 0 points to that Honey Waqar outfit. Perfect for shadis but not for awards. Also, this makes Kubra look way older than her actual age no?


Wearing: Rubab Aqsa

The GL verdict: Looks like Meera recycled her LSA gown and turned it silver with an addon of the WWE  belt. The jewelry and big curls make it even worse. To top it off the makeup adds years to her face. She has the looks, she just needs a stylist!


Sanam Chd.-min
Sanam Chaudhry
Wearing: Amina Yasmeen by Mansoor Akram
Stylist: Kabeer Gill
Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist: Kabeer Gill

The GL verdict: Looks like someone had a lot of spare bedsheets so decided to use it as a makeshift gown. Bland choice of color with “latto wala jura” makes for a boring look. But seriously the gown is ugly!


Aiman Khan
Wearing: Hem
Stylist: Her and Hem
Accessories: Bling Accessories

The GL verdict: Aimans look takes us into a Deja Vu of being eerily similar to Maya Ali’s look from the Lux Style Awards and its safe to say Maya won the style game and Aiman lost it because it’s better to be original rather a cheap copy!


Ayesha Khan-min
Ayesha Khan
Wearing: Erum Khan
Stylist: Haiya Bokahri
Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist: Babar Zaheer

The GL verdict: Again a bland color, whereas Ayesha Khan can easily pull off bold colors and better cuts. I wish she would have experimented a little which would in have easily put her on the best-dressed list.


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