Exclusive: The real reason why Shaan Shahid is missing from all ‘Yalghaar’ promotions!

Looks like the upcoming film ‘Yalghaar’ and controversies go hand in hand. First, it was the constant change of release dates, then news that the film might not actually release on Eid owing to a poor screen count, and now the film is embroiled in yet another controversy where one of the lead actors from the film Shaan Shahid is conspicuously absent from all the promotional activities.

It all started with the trailer launch event which Shaan gave a miss, and this definitely made us sit up and take notice. But it was said that Shaan got injured on the sets of his next film in Lahore and hence couldn’t attend the event in Karachi, so we let it pass. But then when Shaan was nowhere to be seen in the television appearances, interviews, magazine shoots well we were sure that there was more to the matter.

While we haven’t been able to get an official word from Shaan( will be doing that soon in a detailed interview) we do have an exclusive scoop as our high-placed sources have spoken and revealed what all actually went wrong!

Apparently, it all started with the trailer launch event where Hassan Waqas Rana, the director of the film, while introducing the film said ‘The film is not about the protagonist, it is a film of the antagonist!’ and this did not go down well with Shaan Shahid who apparently is/was the main protagonist in the film. The fact that Rana suggested the film was mainly revolving around the villain, played by Humayun Saeed, is what irked the superstar who decided to distance himself from the film there and then.

Furthermore, our sources have revealed that Shaan’s role in the film is merely 10% of the total runtime and Shaan’s name is being used to attract the audiences. The star feels exploited and hence he is avoiding any association with the film. Now while we haven’t seen the film we can’t comment on this but we do hope that Shaan and Hassan Waqas sort things out before the release of Pakistan’s biggest film!

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