Action, bots, and darkness dominate the ‘Project Ghazi’ Trailer

The trailer of one of the most anticipated Pakistani movies, Project Ghazi is finally out. Starring Humayun Saeed, Shehryar Munawar, Syra Shehroz, Adnan Jaffer, and Talat Hussain, and directed by Nadir Shah, the film releases on 14th July 2017.

From the looks of the trailer, the film seems to be about a specific project in which certain soldiers are tested and hence they end up having some enhanced abilities. Shehryar seems to be one of the soldiers of the program and Humayun plays a mentor of sorts to him. Syra’s character is the one who is seen reviving the project with the help of veteran Talat Hussain, someone who was part of the project when it was initiated.

All of them are fighting against the antagonist Adnan Jaffer who has got the scientist and soldiers involved with Project Ghazi on his target. The fact that Qatan, Adnan’s character in the film, is targeting specifically the people associated with Project Ghazi, hints at a possible past of his with the program. Apart from that, there seems to be a subtext of patriotism mixed in this action packed battle between the good and bad which will form rest of the movie.

The trailer is slick and precise as it does not give away much of the action scenes which will be the main USP of this movie. The special effects for a first time and limited budget effort are quite commendable.

Syra and Shehryar are looking fresh in their respective roles, and so does Humayun, but with Yalghaar out on Eid-ul-Fitar, and Punjab Nahi Jaongi on Eid-ul-Azha it seems like there is tad too much of him on screen in a very short span of time. Adnan Jaffer seems to be the right choice as the villain, here is a hope that the character is well etched out too.

Few shots, especially the ones with soldiers walking on snow, and Humayun in a deserted setting look amazing. The only missing thing in this trailer is the WOW factor that could make the audience rush to theatres. The film will expectedly face tough competition from Spider-Man, War For the planet of Apes, Jagga Jasoos, and so trailer needed a bit of that awesomeness to steer through.

Keeping these factors aside, the trailer looks good, and we hope the team promotes the movie well & it turns out to be a great success story.


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