This Arth teaser is as intense and gripping as 26 seconds can possibly be

If there is one thing we can say for sure about superstar Shaan Shahid, it’s that he understands filmmaking and film industry through and through. The 26 second teaser of his upcoming film, Arth, is just about enough to establish this fact.

Soft, rhythmic keyboard tunes set the tone of this short teaser, just that till almost midway over an intense silence of not so silent river Thames in real in background, Shaan is walking, all in slow motion, it’s a melancholic walk, dejection evident in each step taken, each heavier in pain than last.

As if it wasn’t intense enough, we get to see the short walk set at the Queen’s Walk, London, taking a turn more emotional, Shaan gets all teary. Tears; uncontrollable, not so visible, but visible through the emotional eyes that the teaser forces you to wear, come out, and BAM!

Just then, just when we are taking the same walk in our own setting, with our own sorrows, the teaser tops it all off with a pleasant surprise of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s melodic voice playing on that very tone. And it starts fading away, with even softer keys being played now, the Arth mark with its half a guitar and heart shaped tuning machines long disappeared, stamped in memories now, announcing to be ready for a longer walk in December 2017.

The aesthetics of the film, evident from the teaser, look good. The setting, the idea of that guitar shaped Arth monogram, Shaan’s screen presence, it looks all on point. The music, too, seems equally good with Rahat Fateh Ali Khan igniting his trademark flame with his high pitched vocals, which works both ways actually, to some it may sound monotonous, but to others, there is just never enough of him. So all in all, looks like Shaan is doing a pretty good job with the film.

26 seconds merely, but it leaves you desperately craving for more. It’s just beautiful. It is our sincere hope that the movie, when it finally comes out in December this year, is even more beautiful, and why not?

This teaser for sure announces that Shaan most definitely knows how a teaser is cut, and is testament of the fact that he very well understands how a film is made as well. He is not any TV or advertisement import, his exposure has been films only, and where this serves him an advantage, it would be a dual pressure on him to present a complete product in the end.


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