Just in: Project Ghazi not releasing today! Gets postponed at 11th hour

Yes, you read it right. In unprecedented turn of events, the upcoming superhero film, Project Ghazi, starring, Humayun Saeed, Shehryar Munawar, and Syra Shehroz in lead roles, just had its theatrical release postponed at the eleventh hour, indefinitely (for now at least).

Directed by Nadir Shah, the film was supposed to release nationwide in today’s date, 14 July, 2017, but citing some technical shortcomings of the film, the producers and other relevant people behind the film have decided to pull it out of the cinema race for now.

The odd fact is that the film concluded its premiere in Karachi just minutes before the announcement was made. And if you are wondering, the reviews were not at all great.

The announcement came as a Facebook status on the film’s official page, where it was announced that, although a “highly anticipated movie,” it won’t be releasing on the given date due to its requirement of “extensive technical work” because of the “magnitude” of the project. No new release date is announced yet.

As per reports coming from within the film circle, it was Humayun Saeed’s call to not release the film in its current shape as there were just too many loopholes in various departments of the film, technical being the prominent most.

It has also come to our knowledge that fortunately, there is no re-shoot planned for the film as there is already enough captured material with the director and team that they feel confident of fixing the film on editing board alone.

It is worth mentioning here that the show listings for the film had already been released and advance bookings started. The postponement will, of course, mean the roll back of that entire exercise too, leaving the fans with advance bookings in great disgruntlement.

As if there were not enough issues with the film’s release and marketing planning already, this might prove to be quite a damaging development for the film. We wonder why there was such a haste in releasing the film at first place, making all these technical deficiencies overlooked.

Well, we wish the film all luck in the world, because that’s what it needs the most now, besides of course, some miracle technical fixings.

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