Verna’s teaser out! Mahira Khan wins this round of ‘Power Di Game’

The anticipation for Shoaib Mansoor’s upcoming film, Verna, is simply non-parallel to any other film. Although, merely the name, Shoaib Mansoor, is enough to credit this phenomenon, but the presence of Mahira Khan as the film’s lead, subject of the movie, and the reports about film’s soundtrack, among other things, all contribute to this excitement.

To pump that excitement up, a little visual sneak peak of about thirty odd seconds of film’s rap track, Power Di Game, has been released recently, featuring Mahira Khan in a real powerful and intense scene.


The fact is that there can’t be any judgement made on the film based on a mere thirty second video, but if you look at it as an isolated piece, although it may not seem a visual masterpiece that was expected of it, the intensity of the sequence can be felt with the combination of Mahira’s immaculate expressions, the slow motion setting, and the background track.

When it was reported that there would be a rap track in the film done by Xpolymer Dar few weeks back, it particularly had many people excited about it. The track, Power Di Game, although appealed quite well with its lyrics, but didn’t sound as powerful on its own as it was expected. It is too early to judge though.

Out of all the elements of this short clip, if there has to be one winner, it has got to be Mahira Khan. She just stole the show with her emotions in the scene, perfect. And then her vengeful, fighter side was simply the scene’s cherry on cake.

The sequence, personally, left a need for more and it is hoped that maestro, Shoaib Mansoor, like always, will leave us all spellbound when the actual product releases, which it does on 17th of next month (17 November 2017). Fingers crossed.

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