Three Pakistani films all set to release on February 2nd!

Having well planned release dates has never really been a strong suit for our Pakistani film-makers who almost always rely on Eid festivities and other holidays to market and release their films. Then follows a clash where big productions release on the same day, eat into each other’s business and ends with a not so pleasant outcome for the industry in general.

Something similar is happening on February 2nd, which isn’t even a holiday, where we have three Pakistani films releasing on the same day. Yes, ‘Maan Jao Na’, ‘Pari’ and animated film ‘ Allahyar and the Legend of Markhor‘ are all releasing nationwide on February 2nd.

But interestingly all three films belong to completely different genres and aren’t huge productions as such so hopefully the results won’t be as dramatic as the Eid clashes. But anyhow we believe that better planned schedule would have brought better results for all films involved.

Attached below are the trailers for the three films, let us know which one has you most excited in the comments section.

Maan Jao Na


Allahyar and the Legend of Markhor


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