Luxus Grand 4th Galaxy Lollywood Awards 2018 (Nominations)

It is that time of the year, and Galaxy Lollywood Awards (GALA) makes a return for its fourth edition. Adding to its grandeur this time will be Luxus Grand Hotels, one of the biggest names in the hospitality industry of Pakistan, bringing with itself great valuable additions to the award brand of GALA, details of which will be unwrapped further at the later stage of this exercise.

With twenty categories and lot more exciting nominations, all that made our 2017 an entertaining year in their individual and collective capacity, we aim to honor what deserves to be honored, and recognize even what got missed out in the cutthroat world of box office numbers and critical receptions.

Departing from its structure in the first three editions of being solely the People’s Choice Awards, the fourth edition will have a slight change, where although the people’s choice (that is your vote), will still carry the majority weight with seventy-five percent share in the total mix of final selection, the remaining twenty-five percent of that voting weightage will amount for ‘Jury selection,’ comprising of voting by the members of Galaxy Lollywood team.

This eminent change to the voting formula has been incorporated in an effort on our behalf to put a little but valuable weight in the basket of those deserving nominations, that the jury may feel to be in danger of being eclipsed amidst the more glittery and popular choices, so that their remains an equal playing field within every category.

So what are you waiting for, get on with the voting, and share with us your valuable opinion on who you think stood out in terms of cinematic performances presented last year. Happy voting!