7 Pakistani celebrities who need to make their silver screen debuts ASAP

Pakistani cinema is on its way to getting bigger and better (hey, it doesn’t pay to be pessimistic so let’s just keep our fingers crossed). New movies, even though, few and far between are still coming out. At the same time, the line between television and cinema is blurring with every passing day. Gone are the days when an exhaustive list of film stars comprised people that were never seen in the television dramas and vice versa. Today, both the mediums have hundreds of common names and faces. Here are, therefore, a few Pakistani celebrities from the television industry who we genuinely think need to make their silver screen debuts as soon as possible.

Iqra Aziz 

Iqra Aziz is both a remarkable actress and a model, in one. The characters she has played in ‘Khamoshi’, ‘Suno Chanda’ or the currently on air ‘Ranjha Ranjha Kardi’ show her versatility as an actress. Iqra is bubbly, chirpy and boisterous and possesses all the germs of a super star. We cannot wait for her to light up the silver screen with her presence. Casting directors, please take note.

Farhan Saeed 

While Farhan’s wife – Urwa Hocane – has already entered the world that is Lollywood , it’d be pleasant to see Farhan Saeed on the big screen. He can sing, has a charming personality and can act too- case in point ‘Suno Chanda’. That’s honestly a complete package, what more can we ask for!

Ayeza Khan 

Ayeza Khan is probably one of the most genuine actors/people the television industry has had the pleasure of having. She is true to herself, can cry well and has performed exceptionally well in whatever she had don, which is a clear manifestation of her skills as an actor. Again casting directors, please take note.

Shahzad Noor 

The 31 year old actor and model – Shahzad Noor – is our next candidate for the much aspired to, silver screen. At the risk of sounding shallow (but oh well!), Shahzad has the face of a super-star (he has won awards for being the best model, guys), is taller than almost every one of our current film stars and can kind of act too. With that, we rest our case.

Aiman Khan/Minal Khan 

This sister duo has us all captivated with their adorable social media posts, for almost a year now. Their vibrant social media presence, remarkable acting skills combined with their rather innocent personas make them the perfect candidates for the big aka silver screen. Who would refuse to watch a movie with Aiman/Minal just being themselves?

Bilal Khan 

We have all seen Bilal Khan try his luck with music. In our opinion, now is the time for him to experiment with something new; something that we feel is right up his alley. Bilal Khan has an adorable face, is soft spoken and can act too (thanks to Sammi and Khamoshi). It wouldn’t hurt to see him play the role of a lost lover in a movie or two. Wouldn’t you agree?

While names such as Saboor Aly, Sana Javed, Feroz Khan, Ramsha Khan etc. are also on our list, they have (un)fortunately made their silver screen debuts already. Here’s requesting our casting directors to include these names and faces to their potential film stars’ lists. We, for one, shall be very thankful.