Yasir Hussain’s comedy to not grace ‘Senti Aur Mental,’ and here is why?

Yasir Hussain Comedy

With Karachi Se Lahore, Lahore Sey Aagey, and then Arth 2, Yasir Hussain and his comedy have become a household name ever since his film debut in 2015. There has been no turning back for the talented actor and writer since he penned and portrayed the character of Moti in his debut film.

In 2016, the actor gave another reason for his fans to rejoice when the news of his next venture “Senti Aur Mental” came afloat. The film, however, stayed under darkness until recently when it finally went on the floor. While we were still celebrating that news, in came the reports that Yasir is no more with the film and the actor Zain Afzal is replacing him.

Why Yasir Left?

We got in touch with Yasir Hussain, Yasra, and Zain Afzal to get to the bottom of this, and basically to know their respective versions of the story on this major development.

Confirming the reports, Yasir in his talk with Galaxy Lollywood stated, “It was a simple issue of dates. When I signed the film, I had the dates for it, but since the film got delayed, I could no longer accommodate it in my schedule.”

The actor went on to wish the cast and team behind Senti Aur Mental the very best, and said since his sister is doing the film’s music, “the name ‘Hussain” will stay with the project.

The Other Side

When we contacted Yasra for her word on the matter, she backed Yasir’s claim and offered this short response on the matter, “There was no replacement, only a dates’ issue.”

Zain Afzal, on the other hand, was elated to be a part of the film and shared, “I got the film because the team came to watch my theatre play, ‘Jhanjar Di Pawaan Chankaar.’ They appreciated my performance and since they were looking for someone to play the lead in their team, Hadi -Yasra’s husband; whom I’ve known for a couple of years, suggested my name for it.”

For those who are unaware of Zain’s portfolio, he made his big screen debut with 2015 horror film, “Maya.” While the film couldn’t perform well on both, the commercial and critical grounds, Zain continued with his acting career and currently stars in HUM TV’s soap, Sanwari.

Scripted by and starring Yasra Rizvi, the film is expected to release somewhere in 2019, and we hope that the choice of lead actor proves a well thought out decision for “Senti Aur Mental.” Meanwhile, we expect Yasir to come up with another exciting big screen project apart from the staple comedy that he has been providing us in KSL series.

Let us know in the comments section how you feel about this new development on “Senti and Mental.”

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