Laal Kabootar teaser hints at an intense, dark, spaghetti western thriller

The tabloids and the social media, alike, have been abuzz ever since the announcement of the upcoming action thriller, Laal Kabootar. Produced by Nehr Ghar Films and directed by Kamal Khan (both new entrants in the industry), the film’s teaser was released just yesterday, and the buzz has only gotten bigger.

Earlier, a special screening of the teaser was held at the Lahore based film festival, FILUMs, but the sixty-second promotional video has now been released for all. We had a critical look at it, and in short, we say the teaser aptly sets the overall tone of the film and successfully gets us intrigued.

On the Lines of a Spaghetti Western

From the looks of the teaser, the film seems to have Karachi’s expansive underbelly in the focus. It hints at a dark and intense action thriller, something along the lines of a spaghetti western flick.

The opening scene shows Mansha Pasha locked in a confrontation with Ahmad Ali, swirling a bullet, which stops, and it seems to bring no good news for Ahmad.

What follows is a fast-paced introduction to key characters in various settings of the film, depicting Karachi’s diverse culture that will supposedly have big relevance to the backgrounds of the players in the story. The kick-ass action scenes, the gritty sequences here and there, and a lot of running by Ahmad’s character, all pacify the claims of Laal Kabootar being a thriller.

The possibility of a celebratory song cannot be ruled out either, as we see multiple characters dancing in a few frames soaked in red hues.

Moving further, Mansha’s character is depicted to be going through a lot of physical and emotional turbulence, which again would be an interesting bit to watch when the film comes out. And then, of course, there is a sly and corrupt looking police officer which seems integral to the plot.

All of this is augmented by the very organic sound of a local bus horn music that opens and ends the teaser. The mix of the tappy beats along with the contemporary techno music in the background also add depth to the clip.

With an overall cinematic aura surrounding it, the maiden teaser of Laal Kabootar, indeed, succeeds in adding it to our wish list for 2019.

Here is hoping that the trailer, and eventually the film itself, come out even better and that Laal Kabootar proves to be an intelligent entertainer next year.

Let us know in your comments how did you find the teaser?

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