Pakistani film Jackpot is re-releasing in January, but why?

Jackpot re-release

Lollywood aficionados may have heard about the film “Jackpot” through various tabloids somewhere in the mid-quarter of 2018. While the comedy flick released on 6th of July this year, it could not leave any mark because of the reasons we talk about further down the article. The news is that Jackpot is making a comeback to cinemas, as its producers have decided to re-release the film on 11 January, 2019.

Jackpot is a romantic comedy film, which is produced and directed by Shoaib Khan, and co-produced by Khurram Riaz. Babar Kashmiri has written the script of the movie while Anubhay Bansal does the cinematography.

The film stars Sanam Chaudhry, Noor Hassan, Sana Fakhar, Adnan Shah Tipu, and Javed Sheikh, along with Indian TV actress Rehna Malhotra. The film also has cameos by multiple celebrities including Mehmood Aslam, Afzal Khan Rambo, Zara Sheikh, Ismail Tara, and Meera.

What Happened the Last Time?

So, if you weren’t following the film news in those days, you must be wondering what went wrong with the movie the last time. We decided to put this question in front of its director, Shoaib Khan, and here is what he had to say, “the main reason Jackpot couldn’t succeed in its first release was because of the bad release timing and unfavorable shows assigned to it.”

“It was released against Sanju, an exceptional hit, due to which we couldn’t get the suitable shows,” Riaz further elaborated. “Most shows that we got were on 12 am or 12 pm slots where hardly anyone watches a film. This, combined with less than 70 shows per day ensured that everything goes against the film. But I am glad exhibitors realized this injustice and granted us a re-release. We are hopeful for the results this time,” added the producer.

Need to Plan Better

Since a lot of other Pakistani films are also making a cinematic comeback, it makes sense for the makers of Jackpot to get their movie re-released too. It is, however, also relevant to state that the filmmakers and distributors need to start planning their release dates better.

While Jackpot could not obtain an adequate number of shows because of Sanju, this Eid ul Adha saw Load Wedding facing almost a similar fate. The film was squeezed between the commercial biggies like JPNA 2 and Parwaz hay Junoon, and the latter two, of course, grabbed more shows.

Overcrowding multiple titles at festival dates and not planning the dates properly otherwise as well inevitably leads to the loss of one party or the other. This ultimately results in the loss of the Pakistani cinema.

Whether the film works well this time or not remains to be seen, we at Galaxy Lollywood wish the team all the best for their efforts.

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