The good, the bad, and the ugly of the trailer of upcoming film ‘Gumm’

Gumm PTV

The two and a half minute trailer of the upcoming film Gumm, came out yesterday, and much like the title of the film, the narrative of the trailer seems to be “GUMM” somewhere too.

To put this politely, the trailer of this Sami Khan, Shamoon Abbasi, and Shameen Khan starrer is pretty much in the middle of nowhere and fails to present its case.

Written and directed by Ammar Lasani and Kanza Zia, Gumm is produced by Shakeel Anjum and is a suspense thriller in its genre.

The Good

Before we get to the shortcomings of the trailer, let’s discuss the things that are praiseworthy about it. For one, the cinematography looks stunning and from the looks of it, the film can be expected to have some breathtaking camera work.

Additionally, the film does have its scary and thrilling moments. The way Sami Khan deals with the impending tragedy hanging over his head is adequate to prove this. And the ending scene where Khan is confronting the wolf is simply wow.

The bad & the Ugly

It starts off with a flirtatious Sami Khan chasing a frizzy-haired Shameen, conventionally proposing her by saying “Shaadi Karle Mujhse….Mazaay Karegey.” Ummm, not impressed. Cut to the next frame, dressed up as Kabootars, the lovebirds are ready for their Suhagg Raat/Din in a forest/dhobi ghaat, which is simply too 1990s.

The track ends too abruptly and Khan finds himself in an unconscious state having a bag full of money besides him. We get to see some clumsy fighting sequences between Sami Khan and Shamoon Abbasi over money, and it is just all poorly edited with dialogues pouring in from here and there and everywhere, without making much sense.

The acting is cringe-worthy, and the excessive melodrama cannot be saved by the combined talent and experience of Sami Khan and Shamoon Abbasi. It seems as if multiple threads in the narrative are left incomplete, which is quite fine for a trailer, but honestly, it all fails to excite us.

Well, although we believe there is enough room in a trailer to comprehensively and effectively deliver your message, a trailer is still a trailer. It has its limitations, and we would wait for the actual film to come out; which it does on 11 January 2019, in order to form an opinion about it.

Izafi Maloomat:

The debutant filmmakers Ammar and Kanza (husband and wife duo), have graduated in filmmaking from New York Film Academy. Gumm is already making a name for itself in various international film festivals, and also got officially selected at AAB International Film Festival, India, and CKF International Film Festival, UK.