Larki Achari From ‘Dum Mastam’ Is The Wedding Song Of The Season!

This season, get ready to groove with the vibrant, peppy number that Larki Achari is. While we’re certainly impressed by Imran Ashraf and Amar Khan’s killer dance moves, it’s the catchy beat of the song which will hook your mind, there and then.

Sung by Shiraz Uppal and Neha Chaudhary, Larki Achari has definitely grabbed attention – all for the right reasons, ever since its release 3 days ago. Electrifying performances by Amar and Imran keep the audience tapping their feet to the beat with their eyes glued to the screens. In short, Larki Achari is not only a melodious delight but a visual treat as well. All in one.

The launch event for Larki Achari was as vivacious and groovy as the song itself. Huge names such as Reema, Meera, Bilal Lashari, Rambo, Sahiba, Resham, Bilal Saeed, Syed Noor, Iffat Omar, and Nayyer Ejaz were amongst the many A-listers that were spotted during the launch.

Helmed by the creative maestro that Ehteshamuddin is, Dum Mastam, definitely looks like a real entertainer. The film is penned by Amar Khan, who seems to have done a good job weaving an intriguing story set against the backdrop of old Lahore. The film stars Imran Ashraf and Amar Khan in the lead roles alongside Kiran Malik, Saleem Mairaj, Momin Saqib, Arslan Naseer, Saife Hasan, Uzma Beg, Sohail Ahmed, Agha Mustafa Hassan, Adnan Shah Tipu and Faiza Gillani amongst many others.

Produced by Adnan Siddiqui and Akhtar Hasnain for Cereal Entertainment and with an Eid release to its name, Dum Mastam will definitely take its audience on a rollercoaster ride of their life with Aliya and Bao in the driving seats.


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