The Ghabrana Nahi Hai Trailer Is Out And It Looks Extremely Promising

Saba Qamar is a treat to experience in any venture; this is not a biased opinion, but an indisputable fact. The way she breathes life into all the characters she portrays is breathtaking, and the superstar seems to be geared up to deliver yet again in Geo Films’ Ghabrana Nahi Hai.


A stellar cast works its magic on screen, with the supremely talented Zahid Ahmed playing what comes across as a self-righteous, yet morally askew cop who falls in love with Qamar’s character. Syed Jibran seems to factor into what looks like a love triangle, making his intention of marrying Qamar’s character crystal clear.

Nayyar Ejaz, with his deep, base-filled voice (it truly does stand out, even in the trailer) plays the role of a menacing antagonist – a gangster prepared to facilitate the plot with his antics.


Once again, Saba seems to preside with the kind of magnetism and command that she alone possesses, and while the trailer of Ghabrana Nahi Hai raises several anticipatory questions with regards to the plot itself, the decision makes sense – keep the audience guessing.

The trailer begins with a festive wedding scene, supplemented with Qamar’s voiceover, where she muses over the idea of dreams and possibilities.

It cuts to introducing Sikandar, played by Ahmed, who interrupts what seems to be a dance number with a gun in hand, stating that such obscenities are not befitting of the country in which the universe of the film is set (Pakistan).

The Verdict So Far

Beautiful shots embellish this promising trailer, and with director Saqib Khan and producers Jamil Baig and Hassan Zia working behind the scenes, the cinematic venture seems ready to deliver in a magnanimous way on Eid-ul-Fitr.

While we are left with numerous questions after the initial watch of the trailer, all those queries revolve around what will eventually transpire in the narrative. With the trailer alone leaving people wanting more, we cannot wait for the film’s eventual release to immerse ourselves in this exhilarating cinematic ride.


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