So Feroze Khan may just have compared himself to Leonardo DiCaprio!

Feroze Khan Leonardo DiCaprio

Feroze Khan has been in the news a lot lately, all thanks to the huge success of his last TV outing in Khaani, his new drama serial Romeo Weds Heer and his brutally honest interview with the entertainment writer Fifi Haroon. More recently though, he started doing rounds of social media because of an interesting statement, and here is everything you need to know about it:

In a recent interview with DAWN Images, Feroze Khan talked extensively about his love for his profession, his indifference towards award shows, his sisters, and life after marriage. Feroze began by revealing how he truly loves what he does, but has never aspired to be a star because according to him if he never accepts that he has completely risen, he will never be able to fall (very profound, if you think about it).

He then went on to talk about how his new drama Romeo Weds Heer is hauling in top rating and that the numbers are undeniable. He also mentioned that he doesn’t have the option ever to become detached from his family because he has a responsibility towards them. Feroze then mentioned his recent marriage to wife Alizey and told that his relationship with her is based on complete honesty.

The Statement

Moving on to what struck us the most, when asked if he hopes to win any awards in the future, Feroze Khan began by saying how for him, the constant love from his fans and the consistent high ratings are enough.

Fun fact: Feroze hasn’t really had very great experiences with the Pakistani awards shows. Here is Exhibit A

He then proceeded to say that he doesn’t place a lot of value on the award shows because the same made Leonardo DiCaprio wait for years before actually awarding him one. So by implication, Feroze Khan is the Pakistani Leonardo DiCaprio, and he doesn’t care if awards validate his talent?

Did Feroze actually mean that, or did he just use it as an example to explain his point? Guess only he is the one who can tell us that.

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