Teefa In Trouble soon coming on Iflix and Television

Teefa Trouble Iflix Television

We reported earlier this month that Teefa In Trouble is finally releasing on Netflix, but also announced that it won’t yet be available to stream in Pakistan. While the Ali Zafar fans world over, including in India, rejoiced at the news, Pakistanis were left disappointed.

Well, no more. The Ali Zafar starer superhit is finally releasing not only on an online digital platform, but will also be having its “World TV Premiere” soon.

Teefa In Trouble on Iflix

Although Teefa In Trouble is available world over on Netflix, in Pakistan, the superhit film will soon be available on its rival streaming service, Iflix. The announcement came through  Ali Zafar’s social media accounts, who shared the movie poster for the streaming website with the caption:

“Your wait is over. “Teefa in Trouble” coming soon exclusively on iflix for Pakistan viewers. Download the app or go to iflix.com for updates!”

Although the announcement provides no specific date, we believe this too will be shared with the public in a matter of a few days.

To watch the film on Iflix, have your account at the streaming website ready and wait for the movie to release. For now, you can enjoy the songs and a couple of BTS footage of the film at the platform.

Teefa In Trouble on TV

It is pertinent to mention here that along with the online release of the movie, Geo Films (film’s national distributor) is also planning its “World Television Premiere.”

The banner is running continuous ads on its channels along with promotions on its social media pages in this regard. Just like the Iflix announcement, however, no specific date has been announced yet for the television premiere of the movie. But since the announcement reads “coming soon,” we believe the wait wouldn’t be too long.

Teefa In Trouble was a great box office and critical success where it raked in over 40 crores worldwide. Galaxy Lollywood rates the movie 3.5 out of 5 in its review.

Therefore, if you were unable to catch this blockbuster hit during its theatrical run due to any reason, soon you will have plenty of options to enjoy it, and that too within your own convenience.

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