Yasir Hussain returns to theatre with Aangan Terha’s prequel “Naach Na Jaanay”

Yasir Hussain theatre Naach Na Jaanay

As the new year rang in, Yasir Hussain shared a video of himself going all clean shaven for a mystery project. We were still wondering whether this clean look was for some new film or a television serial, that the revelation finally came.

The news is that Yasir Hussain is finally returning to theatre and the world of Aangan Terha after seven years with an upcoming play titled, Naach Na Jaanay. Written by Anwar Maqsood, the play is the prequel of Aangan Terha (also written by Anwar Maqsood) and is said to premiere on 23rd March 2019.

Yasir played the central role of Akbar in Angan Terha which broke all records with 101 consecutive shows in Karachi. It was more popular than both, Pawney 14 August and Sawa 14 August, both of which were runaway successes and written by Anwar Maqsood.

In Yasir’s Words

We, at Galaxy Lollywood, spoke to Yasir about the play and he told us, “I played Saleem Nasir sahib’s character from his drama Aangan Terha seven years back in the serial’s theatre adaptation. Naach Na Jaanay is actually the prequel of Aangan Terha. It is written by Anwar Maqsood while Dawar Mahmood is directing it and KopyKats is producing it at Arts Council Karachi.”

Talking about his character and premise of the play, Yasir said, “My character is that of a dancer living in Zia era when dance academies had shut down. The story is about how the dancers at that time were surviving, some were making ends meet as cooks, some as peons. So it takes you back to the struggling days of my character in Aangan Terha who eventually finds employment at the house of Mahboob Ahmed from the same play.”

Well, since Yasir is no more part of Senti Aur Mental, and Karachi Se Lahore 3 has also been put on hold for the time being, we were afraid we wouldn’t see much of Yasir on screen this year. This news, however, comes as a pleasant surprise and we couldn’t be happier.


Editor’s Note: The article previously reported that Yasir Hussain is “returning to theatre after seven years,” which is not true. Yasir is actually returning to the world of his earlier theatre play, “Aangan Terha,” after seven years. We regret the mistake and apologise for the factual oversight. The error has been rectified.

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