Sarmad Khoosat’s upcoming Punjabi film wraps shooting, gets a title

Zindagi Tamasha

We reported you late last year that our resident Manto, Sarmad Khoosat is currently working on a Punjabi film. Set in Lahore, the film was under production for the last couple of months, and its title was kept undisclosed.

But just as the shooting of the film wrapped up a couple of days back, it has been revealed that the film will be titled Zindagi Tamasha. Furthermore, for this debut production of Sarmad’s home banner, Khoosat Films, it has also been revealed that the director has acquired the rights of the classic song, “Zindagi Tamasha Bani.”

The song was actually a part of another classic Punjabi movie, Nokar Voti Da (1974), and the Pakistani singer Afshan had originally voiced it. Nokar Voti Da was a big success on the local box office, and its music had received special appreciation. In 1983, the film even saw an Indian remake, Naukar Biwi Ka, starring Dharmendra and Reena Roy.

Sarmad on Zindagi Tamasha

Talking to Galaxy Lollywood at the time of the film’s announcement, director Sarmad Khoosat had this to say about his then-untitled upcoming film, “Being a local of the city Lahore, I can relate to the subject of the film in a purely raw way.”

Answering why the film is in Punjabi, Sarmad had said, “The reason the film is going to be in Punjabi is because it is set in Lahore and Punjabi is the only language that will encapsulate the story rooted in this city and its culture. I feel like the aura, the authenticity, and the dialect of Lahore have not been embedded on screen yet.”

About the Film

Zindagi Tamasha stars names like Samiya Mumtaz, model Eman Suleman, and Arif Hasan in prominent roles. Behind the camera, Khizar Idress is doing the cinematography of the film whereas Nirmal Bano has developed the screenplay.

While the release date of the film isn’t out yet, but since the shooting has already wrapped up, it shouldn’t fall any later than the next few months. What, however, can be said with confidence at this moment is that unlike Manto, there is a good chance that Zindagi Tamasha will not be releasing under Geo’s distribution banner.

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