Omayr Waqar and Ushna Shah respond to the nasty insta feud

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Ushna Shah got into a rather ugly feud with the hairstyle and make-up artist Omayr Waqar, on Instagram a couple of nights ago. The latter had asserted, through his Instagram, that untreated stray dogs in Karachi needed to be removed from the streets because they were harmful and no one is willing to treat them as such.

Ushna Shah called him out in response by calling his statements disgusting and disturbing. Omayr Waqar was quick to respond, and the two exchanged quite a few personal attacks, back and forth. We reported you the whole thing.

Ushna Responds

Ushna, however, recently responded to the whole drama and this is what she had to say:

“I do not like to respond to malignant gossip but since this attacks me as a human and not only a public figure, I’d like to clear things out. I have met Mr.Waqar a total of 4-5 times. Once on a shoot in Islamabad, once at his birthday party which he vehemently invited me to. And a few other times at a few get-togethers in Karachi where he would be the plus one of invited acquaintances; we do not share a close social space. I wish to clarify that I do not know Mr. Waqar personally at all, nor do we share any close mutual friends.”

Ushna then went on to explain how she has always felt the need to speak up for animals because they cannot speak for themselves. She also claimed that all these accusations that Omayr had made against her personality, were untrue.

“I have always felt the need to speak up for animals since they are heavily persecuted against and cannot speak up for themselves. Mr. Waqar’s attacks against my personality are unwarranted and needless to say, untrue. I would like to once again state that I do not know Mr. Waqar personally, and as a public figure I make it a point to not allow work acquaintances who show an uncomfortably keen interest in my personal life to get to close to me.”

She then further accused Omayr of using her name for the purpose of PR and said that the stray dogs bite only when “they are scared or provoked.”

“I am well aware that these needless attacks are for the purpose of using my name for Mr.Waqar’s PR, and yet knowing this I am responding to this in hopes that people will take from it the message that is close to my heart: please treat stray animals with kindness, they only bite if they are scared or provoked. Angry dogs are abused dogs and culling is not the answer. Please make a difference and spay or neuter stray dogs whenever you get the opportunity. Love, Ushna.”

That’s all fair, Ushna but it still doesn’t answer the personal attacks you first indulged in, given you don’t even know Omayr Waqar that well (to put it in your own words).

Omayr Shoots Back

We, therefore, reached out to Omayr Waqar and this is what he had to say:

New day new life. I have moved on. I have got bigger stars to deal with and better things to do in life, unlike some people. I have been very sick and down this week and her life & responses are a joke and so hilarious it just makes my day. I just wish her happiness, success and mental health. I do not want to talk about this issue anymore in the future.”

Discussing Ushna’s PR accusations, Omayr said:

“The world has already proven my point so I have nothing to say anymore. As far as PR is concerned, we all saw who used whose name or started this issue at first. The issues and trauma I’m going through because of this stray dog bite, only I can understand. It’s clear people like her have zero concern for humans. I am not sure if it’s personal but I didn’t know refusing to work with her because I’m not always available would make her so upset.”

Omayr also had some advice for Ushna:

“Word of advice: don’t get personal with me next time and respect your people and fans. Saying stuff about their moms and abusing them on social platform is wrong. Show them love first and then care about animals. However, controversies will keep happening, people will eventually forget and move on, hence life must go on. Just want to thank everyone for showing me so much love and support and putting the wrong people in their place.

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