The Meera episode from Nadia’s game show is out and it’s a cringe-fest

Meera Nadia game show

The infamous Nadia Khan bid farewell to the cringe-worthy world of morning shows a long time back. After remaining AWOL from showbiz for many years, she made an unsuccessful return to TV, tried the hand at becoming a social media influencer (succeeded at it), and then returned to our TV screens once again in a couple of drama serials.

Most recently, Nadia made a comeback in the role of a host, this time of a game show on ‘Bol Entertainment’ titled, Croron Mein Khel.

Nadia Invites Meera

It seems, however, that the show is not really doing well and to keep herself and the show afloat, she invited the controversy queen, Meera, in the latest episode that aired on 1st February 2019.

Nadia Khan and Meera Jee, as we all know, have always been stuck in controversies no matter what they do or say. When we saw the promo, we were appalled, to say the least. The introduction Nadia gave about Meera felt more of a taunt than a welcoming gesture. Nadia explained how she and Meera had been in a tiff but patched things up as it was all a misunderstanding.

An Insulting Introduction

But using statements like Bholi hain, ya banti hain, ya buhat chalak hain, or saying Meera is “unpredictable with her controversial statements,” seems pretty insulting towards a guest. While Meera entered, she did not hold back her sentiments towards the rather taunting introduction.

She exclaimed that her statements are only towards her work and people know her worldwide. Nadia tried to cover up her mistake saying “millions listen to Meera” while going in for a hug, but errr, Meera did not look interested.

While the format of the show was reminiscent of Kaun Banega Crorepati with lifelines and all, the prizes did not include money but various gifts like vehicles, gold, and even an apartment. WOAH! As we all know about Meera and her general knowledge, we were rather intrigued to find out how far the actress would go in the competition.

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

The questions started off rather easy, with Nadia asking Meera about the number of provinces in Pakistan. To this, Meera cheekily exclaimed that the question was elementary and answered it correctly. She, however, struggled to pronounce Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Moving on, the questions deemed fairly simple as Nadia was asking Meera to name singers and songs while the prizes consisted of expensive things. This made us want to scratch our heads as a 5-year-old could even answer the questions.

It felt like both the celebrities were trying really hard to act like best friends, but their meethi churi attitude was a huge giveaway. This made us want to bang our heads on the wall just like it used to be back in the days when she would host her morning show.

Baaji Similar to Bajirao Mastani,” says Meera

Nadia showering fake praises towards Meera and Meera not reciprocating Nadia but in turn praising herself more was all in all a big cringe-fest. Throughout the show, Meera left no stone unturned to promote her upcoming venture, Baaji, which, by no means, is something we are against.

But as soon as the actress exclaimed that Baaji is similar to Bajirao Mastani, we surely had our eyes rolling! Meera went on and on to praise herself saying she would win the best actress for the movie. She also talked about the times she used to be in India, and Alia Bhatt grew up near her, insinuating that whomsoever is around her, becomes a huge star. Oh Alia dear, we feel for you!

Lastly, Meera also hinted at settling down after the release of Baji, pointing towards the fact that the marriage is an arranged one. Oh no, we wonder what happened to Captain Naveed and Mr. Ateeq. While this was supposed to be a game show, it felt more of a gossip session between two friends or should we say, foes, with subtle shades being thrown in. A true cringe-fest, to say the least!

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