I did not know I had quit Sohail Javed’s ‘Sorry:’ Sonya Hussyn

Sohail Javed’s directorial debut, Sorry, was in the news this past week after reports emerged that one of the leading ladies of the film, Sonya Hussyn, had opted out of the project citing differences over content.

In an interview with Paperazzi, the director Sohail Javed was quoted as saying that he and the actress were finding it hard to agree on some content, and thus, decided to part ways. Similarly, the producer and lead actor of the project, Faysal Qureshi was also quoted as saying that the decision was mutual and done in a very cordial manner.


However, talking to Galaxy Lollywood, actress Sonya Hussyn had a different story to share: “I did not know I had quit Sorry. When did this happen?” said the actress in a telephonic conversation from a desolate location in interior Punjab where she is currently shooting for her next, Tich Button.

“I absolutely loved the script of Sorry and Sohail Javed is a dear friend. So, I don’t know where these reports are coming from. I have been here shooting for my next project, and the coverage here is extremely poor. This is primarily the reason I haven’t really been in touch with people and the news came late to me.”

Was There a Date Clash?

If Sonya is shooting for Tich Button these days while she had signed Sorry first, is this a case of ‘dates clash?’ “The shoot of Sorry was delayed which is why I was able to accommodate Tich Button that I am now shooting for in Punjab,” Sonya said.

On a parting note, the actress asked us to contact the actor Faysal Qureshi for an update, given he is the producer and main lead of the film.

Well, while we will definitely contact Faysal for an update, for now, a huge confusion exists as Faysal had earlier confirmed that the actress had left the project whereas the actress herself is unaware about the developments.

Nonetheless, we wish Sonya all the best with her upcoming film, Tich Button, and hope that this dramatic cast shuffle sorts itself out.

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