Sonya Hussyn quits Sohail Javed’s ‘Sorry’ over differences on content

Sonya hussyn leaves Sorry

We have been quite eagerly awaiting Sohail Javed’s directorial debut on the silver screen, Sorry. The highly anticipated emotional drama is being co-produced by Faisal Qureshi, who is marking his comeback to celluloid in a leading role after about twenty-six years. Moreover, it was the exciting cast of the film that made us anticipate the movie even more. However, bad news today is that the film is currently facing a significant casting upset.

Reliable reports have confirmed that one of the leading ladies of the film, Sonya Hussyn has left the project. Sonya’s exit from the film, however, cannot be considered something entirely out of the blue.

We Saw it Coming

It was initially speculated that Sonya had hesitantly signed the project, considering the emotionally challenging role that the Moor actor was offered.

In one of her interviews, Soniya was found saying that it was Sohail Javed who convinced her for the film. She said that the role was emotionally complex and required her to dive into some painful experiences from the past in order to add depth to it. Something she found extremely demanding. Despite that, Sohail was adamant to give the job to Sonya, which she ultimately accepted.

Differences on the Content

But that’s all in the past now as the director Sohail Javed has himself confirmed the news in an interview, citing differences on the content of the film.

“Yes, it’s true. She is not playing that part anymore,” Sohail said in his comment on the development.

The producer of the film, Faisal Qureshi also confirmed the reports and claimed that Sonya cordially left the project, with the consent of all stakeholders.

Galaxy Lollywood tried contacting both, Sohail Javed and Sonya Hussyn, for their take on the matter. However, neither of them seemed reachable for a timely response.

Sorry is aimed for a late 2019 release, and apart from Faisal Qureshi, actors like Amina Sheikh and Zahid Ahmed have also been roped in to play leading roles in the film. Now that Sonya has left one of the leading lady’s spot, it remains to be seen which lucky actor gets the role.

Sonya Hussyn appeared in Moor and Azaadi earlier and had she stuck with Sorry; it would have been her third cinematic outing. But if you are a Sonya Hussyn fan and upset about her exit from the Sohail Javed film, don’t fret, as the actor will be seen in Farhan Saeed, Iman Ali, and Feroze Khan starrer, Tich Button, next.

Keep reading this space to get further updates from both, Sorry and Tich Button.

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