6 filmmakers who should get in front of the camera right away

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Every other day, we see actors switching their roles to writing, directing, and even producing. If examples have to be our own and recent, we have seen big names like Reema and Shaan going behind the camera for their directorial ventures. Most recently, we saw Urwa venturing into production for her husband, Farhan Saeed’s debut film, Tich Button.

But for some reason, this only seems a one-way road, at least here in Pakistan. And no it’s not like we have any shortage of Khoobsurat faces behind the camera. Moreover, we are sure that barring some, it wouldn’t even be that hard for others to act since most of their jobs is to get the best out of their actors.

Therefore, to turn this one-way road into a two-way, we have identified here six filmmakers who we would love to see in front of the camera.

1. Bilal Lashari

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Some people claim that Bilal is actually the reason for the revival of Pakistan cinema. While that may be debatable, there is not even an iota of doubt that he is a great director.

Besides directing, however, Bilal also undoubtedly has some acting germs too. You can recall his cameos from his debut film Waar and even the first Jawani Phir Nahi Ani.  These acting germs are no normal acting germs either. The following tweet will explain more:

Jokes aside, the guy definitely looks the part of a romantic hero who, if need be, can also take great sniper shots.

2. Ammara Hikmat

From the camp of Bilal, we have another name we want in front of the camera, and among all in our list, we are rooting for this face the most. The producer of the upcoming epic, The Legend of Maula Jatt, and the CEO of the public relations company, Encyclomedia PR, Ammara Hikmat looks just too gorgeous to sit behind the camera.

We have heard that her director in Maula Jatt, Bilal Lashari is a perfection freak when it comes to work. So, how good would it be if Ammara produces Bilal’s next film too and stars in it as well? When Bilal could get some acting out of Ali Azmat, we say why not Ammara too, Bilal?

3. Nabeel Qureshi

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Giving three blockbusters and one not so much in his less than five year-career in the film industry, Nabeel Qureshi has become a real force to be reckoned with in a short period.

But did you know that Nabeel is actually a man of many skills? Besides directing, Nabeel can sing, dance, and can even act. Don’t you believe us? Watch his performance in Actor In Law’s title song, or perhaps watch the video of his own song, Khamosh Dono. Even if you are not convinced then, watch the TVC of National Ka Pakistan season 4.

All of this shows that the prolific director has a lot of acting germs too. And with that face cut and skill level, WHY NOT?

4. Mehreen Jabbar

Mehreen Jabbar placed her faith in Pakistan film industry at the time when hardly anyone would. Her debut film, Ramchand Pakistani (2008), although wasn’t much of a box-office success but did gather a lot of critical praise. Since then, she has produced some of the highly acclaimed work on both, TV and film including, Doraha, Mata-e-Jaan Hai Tu, and recently, the feature film Dobara Phir Se (2016).

But this is not about her work behind the camera. Look at her. For some reason, it gives us the vibes that somewhere deep within her lives a great actor. An actor who would win Pakistan countless awards when unleashed.

And even if that’s not true, we believe that after being surrounded by countless amazing actors like Noman Ejaz, Nandita Das, Amina Sheikh, Adeel Hussain, and Ali Kazmi over the years, Mehreen would have picked up on an expression or two by now.

5. Imran Kazmi

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Imran is most known for producing films like Janaan and Parchi, both of which did quite well for themselves on box-office. But production is not all he did for these films as Imran also made special appearances in both the films.

His acting germs, however, were most evident in the funny launch video of his upcoming film production, Heer Maan Ja. To say it in few words, we want that cute face on our screens, and it is pretty evident that Imran too has it all in him to be a good actor.

6. Shoaib Khan

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If there is any chance of a filmmaker appearing in front of the camera in a full-fledged role, it is of Shoaib Khan’s. We say this because Shoaib did not only appear in a cameo part in his most recent offering, Jackpot, but also had a complete role in his first film, Rangeen (unreleased).

Although the fate of both the films wasn’t any good, we wouldn’t mind at all if those strong features and deep eyes do make a comeback on our screens.

So, we here at Galaxy Lollywood really think all these filmmakers should appear in front of the camera. Who would you like to see on your screens though, and in what role? Tell us in the comments.