Saba Qamar talks about love, heartbreak, and her singledom

saba qamar

Saba Qamar is currently one of the finest actresses of Pakistan. Recipient of a number of accolades and awards, the Baghi actress recently opened up about her relationship status, her idea of love, and heartbreak, in a recent interview to Express Tribune.

The actress is of the view that not only the romance sold on screen is flawed, but the whole idea of modern romance is distorted. To put in her words, “The notion of love and romance these days is so flawed that it isn’t even worth considering. It’s a shame.”

“It’s all a big sham and life isn’t really how it looks like on the screen. I am as flawed as anyone on the street outside,” she further said.

Saba then moved on to talk about how she broke up with her boyfriend in 2011 and has been single ever since. She terms it as a ‘life-changing experience.’

When Life Gives Lemons, Do Yoga

Saba Qamar resorted to Yoga following her break up. According to her, there were occasions when she would get really get jealous of her ex being with someone new. It was getting to the point where it became unbearable.

She told her yoga instructor of her problem; she envied the feeling of another woman getting the same attention as her. Her instructor told her that if she really loved him, she would be happy for him.

It’s Not Love!

The words hit Saba deeply. She says, “This is not love; this is a form of attachment that is born out of lust and talking to each other so frequently that you become addicted to each other.” She further mentioned how “kids these days are not able to tell between love and attachment and not being able to see that line is turning them into delusional heroes and heroines.”

Saba says she has been single since 2011 and it has been quite a fulfilling journey. She also mentioned how people think that she has a line of potential suitors, but that is not the case. That’s just them painting a rosy picture of her life that has nothing to do with the reality.

Here’s sending Saba Qamar lots of love and well-wishes.