The different types of celebrity relationships in Pakistan

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Dating in the Pakistani entertainment industry is a relatively new phenomenon.

No, this is not to say that actors in the past did not mingle within the fraternity, it’s just that it was not that out in the open. Things used to be hush-hush and confirmations were seldom obtained. Marriage mostly used to be the only time when a relationship would finally find its way to the public.

Now, however, with the changing social structure, things have changed considerably as far as celebrity dating and relationships are concerned. Although it is still frowned upon by a specific section of the society, on the bigger scale, it is far more acceptable and easier for two stars to be seeing each other than it was in the past.

Add to this the social media factor, and you would realise that the visibility into the personal lives of our celebrities has improved exponentially. Here in this piece, we share the different types of relationships that can be seen in our entertainment industry:

The In Your Face Millennials

Now, this is the in kind of relationship where the two people who are seeing each other make it as obvious as it gets that they are an item! They follow each other on Instagram, tag each other in posts, and well, are almost inseparable.

Mostly, it’s the millennials who adopt this approach, and examples would be Asim Azhar-Hania Aamir and Yasir Hussain-Iqra Aziz.

The 90’s Lovers

Again, it’s obvious that the lovebirds are entirely smitten by each other. They follow each other and do the tagging business too but, other than that, there is this old school charm in this romance which is not as in your face as the crazy kids above. An example would be Ahad Raza Mir and Sajal Aly

The Privacy Keepers

Now, couples in this category are not all about showsha. They want their public and private lives to be separate. They are more likely not to follow each other on social media and won’t post many photos together.

At times, there will be no trace of each other on their social media profiles. Do you know who Mahira Khan or Mehwish Hayat are seeing? They could be single for all we know, but it’s more likely that they want to keep things private. Another example would be Bilal Khan and Maya Ali.

The Super Sneaky Ones

Now, these guys over here have all the characteristics of the Privacy Keepers, but they go the extra mile and make conscious efforts to keep things tightly under the lid. At times, they will go to the extent of giving audiences the impression that they are seeing somebody that they are actually not, so that they can keep the real thing real intimate.

As the great Osman Khalid Butt once said in a now-deleted-vlog, ‘Subah ko ham bhai bhai bhai, raat ko aik charpai“. You don’t expect me to give you an example here do you, as if!

So as of now, these four broad categories pretty much encapsulate the Pakistani entertainment industry’s dating scene. Although it is kind of limited at the moment, but well, at least there is some progress.

It’s good to see that celebrities are now more open to talking about things which they weren’t that keen on in the past. If there is any category you think we missed, well, comment and let us know.

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