Leave Kashmir: Hamza Abbasi to Indian forces after Pulwama Attack

Twitter is all abuzz with the discussion on the militant attack on Indian paramilitary police in Indian-held Kashmir, yesterday. The attack resulted in over 40 casualties, and the Indian government and media are alleging that the terrorist elements camped in Pakistan carried it out.

The tragedy has garnered responses from both sides including Indian prime minister’s warning of a “crushing response” to the perpetrators. Amidst all of this, Hamza Ali Abbasi, industry’s resident political voice, also shared his two cents on the entire situation, on his Twitter account last night.

Hamza began by explaining how he, in no way, condones the attack on the Indian Army as every human life is sacred. His tweet then progressed to hint towards the fact that the attack is a manifestation to the fact that the Kashmiris don’t want Indian army occupation and that it is better for the former to leave Kashmir as they have taken everything in their own hands now.

The tweet, as expected, garnered reactions from both Indians and Pakistanis.

For instance, this tweet from India asked Hamza how he knew what Kashmiris want:

While some others were skeptical of the timing of the attack:

Some others accused him of justifying the attack and criticized the language of the tweet:

Regardless of whatever interpretation of his tweet is true, the fact that 40 plus human beings were killed in an attack remains valid. The same goes for the Indian army’s state-sponsored terrorism on innocent Kashmiris.

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The fact is that Kashmir has seen a lot of blood being spilt, we hope and pray that the situation in the scenic region settles down without the loss of any more lives in the process.