Shaan reacts whereas Jawed Sheikh takes his words back!

Shaan Jawed Sheikh controversy

A few hours ago, we published an article based on Jawed Sheikh’s recent television appearance on a talk show. The veteran actor in that TV appearance claimed that Shaan had expressed a desire to work in India when both the stars were on its tour as part of a professional delegation some years back.

The host of the show, Waseem Badami, further prodded Jawed Sheikh on this shocking revelation and concluded that Shaan had two distinct opinions on working in India: One for the public and one for private. To this, Jawed Sheikh agreed, although not entirely, as he was going to add something before being cut off by the host who moved on to his next question immediately.

The Reaction

Nonetheless, when we published the story, Shaan left a comment underneath the Instagram post saying “It is the most absurd comment from a person I am trying very hard to respect … I hope he didn’t say it.”

We called up Shaan, and he expressed his shock on this comment but maintained that the veteran actor probably said it in the spur of the moment and didn’t really mean it. He further added that anyone who knows him also knows that India and Shaan are like fire and ice!

He also reiterated that he has said it so many times how the Pakistani industry needs him more than India, which is why he has always chosen to work here. “Why would I leave my kingdom,” he said to us on a parting note.

The Reversal

We then called up Jawed Sheikh who really just wanted to clarify things.”We are colleagues, he is my junior and we have worked together a lot. I don’t really want there to be a controversy,” Jawed Sheikh said.

“Having said that, I also feel that there should be mutual respect between Shaan and the other actors who chose to work in India. We respect your stance, and you should respect our stance. It is not like we are running after Bollywood, they are coming to us for work, and everything is done with utmost dignity,” the senior actor further added.

On a parting note, he said that he takes his words back and what he said was, indeed, in the spur of the moment.

To sum it up, what actually happened was that a talk show host who is supposed to ask hard questions disguised as “Masoomana Sawals” did just that. A celebrity guest got caught up in the moment and in anger said things he did not really want to say.

One thing led to another, and the entire incident got reported and well, the guest in question has now decided to take his words back.

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