Shaan responds to Javed Akhtar while Gohar hits back at Kangana

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The Indian reaction to Pulwama Attack is taking new shapes every day. As expected and predicted, the majority of it is directed at arts and films in Pakistan, and a lot of things have happened recently in this regard.

On the one hand, India’s All Cine Workers Association has banned Pakistani actors and artists working in the film industry, on the other, Ajay Devgn announced through Twitter that his upcoming film, Total Dhamaal, will not be releasing in Pakistan.

What had started with Javed Akhtar’s tweets that had announced that he wouldn’t be coming to Karachi for an arts council event, has now come to the point that Indian music company, T-Series, is taking down all the songs of Pakistani artists.

Besides Javed Akhtar and Ajay Devgn, many other Indian celebrities have also jumped into this blame game being played by the Indian government and media. The daftness has reached a point where the Indian actress Kangana Ranaut even called for the destruction of Pakistan.

Well, with their celebrities making such accusations on Pakistan, there was definitely going to be a response from this side of the same nature. And here is that response.

Shaan Responds to Javed Akhtar

In a tweet on 15th February, Javed Akhtar had announced that he and his wife would no more be attending the literary conference on Kaifi Azmi in Karachi. The tweet was a polite one, and simply expressed Javed Akhtar’s excuse in the light of current events.

To this, Shaan responded in a series of tweets to Javed Akhtar in the same tone and said that it was actually the right time for the love of arts to prevail over the despair and hate between the two countries.

A Twitter user responded to this message of peace from Shaan in a hate-filled message, floating names like Osama Bin Laden and Dawood Ibrahim.

To this, Shaan gave a befitting reply and reminded him of Kulbhushen.

Shaan also added a poetic response to Javed Akhtar’s original tweet that had one of Kaifi Azmi’s poems quoted in it.

Shaan Also Responds to Ajay Devgn

It seems like Shaan has the battlefield that Twitter has become after the attacks covered in terms of responding to Indian celebrities announcing their actions against Pakistan.

When the news came that Ajay Devgn won’t be releasing his upcoming film, Total Dhamal, in Pakistan, we posted it on our different social media handles, including Twitter. To this, Shaan replied with basically a ‘good riddance’ tweet on our post and said that this is what we wanted all along.

Gohar Rasheed Responds to Kangana

Considered a bold and outspoken actress in India, Kangana also expressed her reaction to Pulwama attack on Indian Media. “Pakistan’s ban is not the focus,” Kangana said, “Pakistan’s destruction is.”

The Rangreza star, Gohar Rasheed, took to Twitter and responded to Kangana is the same tone as the actress’s message is being received in Pakistan.

Gohar also took a dig at her reputation in Bollywood and basically said that her comments aren’t even worth responding to.

Although the initial reaction coming from across the border to the militant attack was understandable, what it has come down to now seems more of an over-reaction. We hope that sense prevails, and things soon calm down between the two neighbours.


  1. the one think kangana needs to get attention is provoke people with her nonsense and thankyou shan and other for falling into her trap you did exactly what she wanted