FIR lodged against Fawad Khan for refusing polio drops to his kids

Fawad Khan FIR polio

The first National Polio Campaign of the year 2019 is currently underway in its full swing. According to the World Health Organisation, Polio has been eradicated from all over the world except for three countries including Nigeria, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. The state realises this disturbing statistic and also recognises the suffering of the people who go through this avoidable disease.

Therefore, it has made mandatory for all the parents to vaccinate their children under five, and whosoever refuses the vaccine to their kids, will have to face legal action. The latest example of this being the superstar Fawad Khan.

Fawad Khan Booked

According to Lahore’s local administration, they booked a case against the superstar on Wednesday on refusal to vaccinate his kids against the polio virus.

The administration also informed that five other parents were also booked in the city when the health department teams visited their homes and they refused to vaccinate their kids. Four FIRs, including that on Fawad, were registered at Faisal Town police station, whereas two were lodged at the police station in Model Town.

The Vaccination Campaign

The National Polio Campaign for the year 2019 has been underway since 21st January 2019. With 260,000 frontline workers taking part in it, the campaign aims to vaccinate around 39 million children under the age of five across the country against the crippling disease.

If not vaccinated, the disease can affect its targets through untreatable paralysis.

Year’s First Case in Lahore

The on-going anti-polio efforts across the country were hit by bad news just a couple of days back when the year’s first polio case of the country was reported in Lahore. The Punjab Health Department after that had directed the authorities to start the province-wide vaccination campaign that commenced its operations from 18th February 2019.

The polio team that reached Fawad’s place and eventually reported the actor for refusing the vaccination to his kids was part of the same province-wide campaign.

Whether Fawad refused it for not having kids at home, or is part of the parallel global movement that stands against vaccination, or refused it for some other reason, we are sure there is another side to the story.

Tell us in the comments if the authorities did right by booking the actor.

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