Imran Ashraf, Iman, and Gohar to star in upcoming web series ‘Badshah Begum’

Badshah Begum cast

The trend of web series is steadily gaining a foothold in the Pakistani entertainment industry. After the announcement of Ruswaee, we have another magnum opus titled, Badshah Begum, joining this ever-growing list.

Although the news about the project’s cast had been doing rounds for quite some time now, we reached out to the producer Rafay Rashdi to get the latest on the project.

The Grand Cast

Confirming the names of Imran Ashraf, Iman Ali, and Gohar Rasheed, Rafay said, “The project has been in the pipeline since 2017, and since then Gohar Rasheed has been on board. We brought in Iman Ali on board last year while Imran Ashraf is a recent addition. These are the actors that I believe fit the characters perfectly.”

He further clarified that while these actors aren’t under any contractual obligation yet but they have been confirmed based on a “professional, verbal contract.”

“This is how I did Baandi. We kept roping in artistes for the play and then locked them in officially with a contract. Because I have a good understanding with them. This is how production works. Last minute casting changes can happen at any time due to any reason. It happened to me during Thora Jee Le too, and it can happen to me now as well.”

Rafay said that there are still four to five major characters left to be cast and that he is waiting for the director; the name of whom he didn’t disclose, to come on board and then lock things down for final.

Not a Period Drama

In a recent interview to CelebDhaba, Rafay clarified that contrary to what the title suggests, the project is not a period drama and affirmed that the story is very much set in the present times.

Without giving many details, Rafay explained that Badshah Begum is a story about a family and the power struggle that happens in it. Describing it as “hunger for the throne of power,” he said that the story has a profound message about what a title like ‘Badshah Begum’ means for an empowered woman that holds it.

The story will revolve around the significance of the title and the power it has and will question whether or not should it be allowed to continue?

On floors in October

While talking to us about the cast, Rafay hinted that the project will go on the floors from October.

“I talked to Imran that now that the project is happening, he should speak to the other producers that he would also be involved with Badshah Begum from October to next year,” Rafay said.

He further revealed that the shooting will be divided into various spells as it isn’t easy to bring in a huge cast together for one extended shooting spell.

With an amazing cast like this, Badshah Begum definitely has shot up on our lists of projects to look forward to. Our best wishes to the team.


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