The teasers of ‘Inkaar’ are out and they are giving us major ‘You’ vibes

Inkaar Teasers

Kashif Nisar, in recent times, has become one of the most celebrated directors of the Pakistani drama industry. With an amazing list of serials under his name including recent hits like Darr Si Jati Hai Sila, O Rungreza, and Ranjha Ranjha Kardi, Nisar’s plays are some of the biggest rages these days.

Not only is he known for his great direction, but also for the distinct and versatile subjects he brings to the screen. His serials are well known for their out of the ordinary stories, and amazing casts.

Kashif’s recent venture is the upcoming drama serial Inkaar that will soon hit our TV screens on HUM TV. Starring Imran Ashraf, Yumna Zaidi, and Sami Khan in the lead roles, the serial looks stellar if we go by its recently released teasers.

What Do the Teasers Offer?

Recently aired on Hum TV, the two teasers look amazing from the point of view of direction and production quality, but don’t reveal much regarding the story of the drama. In one of the teaser videos, Yumna can be seen as a young girl lying in bed, thinking about how women are much more vulnerable in terms of love, while men take advantage of their vulnerability.

On the other hand, the second teaser gives us a little peek inside Sami Khan’s character, who can be seen as a young boy, secretly in love with Yumna. Too scared to reveal his feelings, he watches her from a distance.

While Imran Ashraf’s character could not be seen in any of the videos, he uploaded a picture on Instagram taken during the shoot, where he can be seen sharply dressed and oozing power.

The You Vibes

Although the teasers don’t offer much else, they interestingly give major vibes of the recently released popular American TV series, You. It is primarily the way Sami Khan is lurking behind the bookshelf and stalking Yumna that instantly reminds us of Joe Goldberg from what now stands as the Netflix original.

Similarly, if you are familiar with the said American psychological thriller, you would know how in the mid-season the thoughts of Beck also start speaking in the screenplay. We see that happening in the teaser that solely features Yumna.

Although it is quite possible that Inkaar follows an entirely different story, but we loved You, and we are loving the teasers of Inkaar, and wouldn’t even mind if something of You’s scale happens here.

Another Stereotypical Story?

Anyhow, if we take the factor of resemblance with You out and judge it solely on the merit of its teasers, Inkaar seems like a stereotypical love triangle, where the girl gets her heart broken, at times repeatedly, and sobs about it in the entire story.

We, however, have trust in Kashif Nisar, who has never let us down in the past and has always managed to bring something out of the ordinary on the screen. Moreover, with an amazing cast like the three leads and an exemplary writer like Zafar Mairaj, we’re hoping that this will prove to be another astounding drama serial by Hum.


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